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Silverkiss Aug 25 '12 12:38am

Lasciel, She Who Mars the Skin of Gods
Lasciel, She Who Mars the Skin of Gods

"There is no salvation without destruction, no hope this side of death."

"What was Exalted is cast down; what was cast down is raised up. Order burns to clear our path."

Name: She Who Mars the Skin of Gods
Alias: Lasciel
Title: Lady of Darkhallow
Previous Name: Mierin Tomanelle
Exaltation: Abyssal Caste: Dusk Liege: Eye and Seven Despairs
Motivation: To cast down and kill all of the traitorous gods and elementals (especially those who abandoned her tribe in its hour of need)

Life; Cold and Hard, but Life:
Death, The Beginning of the End:
Twisted, Broken, Remade:
Princess of Death:

Clarification: Personally, Lasciel has no desire to kill mortals or undo Creation; her only qualms are with the gods and spirits of the world, whom she aims to kill one by one until there are no deceivers left. The lure of Oblivion is sweet to her, due to the harshness of the life in the north, but she does not actively seek it out outside of her given missions. Of course, though, she has no problems with killing mortals and undoing the works of Creation on necessity (when she is on a mission, for example, or when that path is easier).

Idea: One idea to ease the group dynamics due to my character being an Abyssal Exalted is one of the Lunar Exalted characters (if their player agree) to be the Lunar Mate of Lasciel's tainted Solar Exaltation. If that's the case, it would be much easier to deal with protecting life (ie. the group), since Resonance does not apply to Lunar Mates; even better if both characters had a positive Intimacy.

Silverkiss Aug 25 '12 12:38am

PhysicalStrength: OOOOO
Dexterity: OOOOO
Stamina: OOOO

SocialCharisma: OO
Manipulation: O
Appearance: OOOOO

MentalPerception: OOOOO
Intelligence: OO
Wits: OOO

DuskArchery: OOOOO
Martial Arts:
Melee: OOOOO

MidnightIntegrity: OO
Resistance*: OOOOO
Survival*: OOOOO

Lore: O

DayAthletics*: OOOOO
Awareness*: OOOOO
Dodge*: OOOOO

Linguistics: O
Ride: O

SpecialtiesMelee: Daiklaves x3
Resistance: Enduring Pain
Survival: The Far North, Tracking

BackgroundsResources: OOOO
Cult: OO (Darkhallow Field)
Influence: O (Darkhallow Field)
Manse: OOO (The Death-Speech Gemstone)
Artefact: OO (Silken Armour)
Artefact: O (Soulsteel Breastplate)
Artefact: OO (Soulsteel Hearthstone Bracers)
Artefact: OO (Soulsteel Thunderbolt Shield)
Languages KnownIcewalker Tribal Languages
Signature ArtefactHungering Fang of Darkness
Soulsteel Daiklave

Effect: Drains a number of Essence motes equal to the wielder's permanent Essence whenever it deals at least 1 level of health damage; however, instead of going to Oblivion, these motes are added to the wielder's pool. If an attack already drains motes of Essence, add the wielder's permanent Essence to that value.

Speed: 4
Accuracy: +6
Damage: +13L/3L
Defence: +4
Rate: 3
Attune: 8

First Archery Excellency
Pulse of the Prey
Piercing Ghost Barb

First Melee Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Melee
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Unfurling Iron Lotus
Time-Scything Technique
Elegant Flowing Deflection
Vengeful Riposte
Eye of the Tempest
Death-Deflecting Technique (Temperance Flaw)

First Resistance Excellency
Injury-Absorbing Discipline
Spirit-Hardened Frame
Wounds Mean Nothing (Temperance Flaw)
Restless as the Dead
Corpse Needs No Food
Breathless Ghost Emulation
Cadaverous Torpor Technique

Raiton's Nimble Perch
Crouching Gargoyle Stance
Mist Over Ice

Void Stares Back

VirtuesCompassion: O
Temperance: OO
Conviction: OOO
Valour: OOOO
Intimacies(-) Contempt for Dragon-Blooded


Personal: 19/19
Peripheral: 20/20 (41)
Committed: 21
Health-0: OOOOO
-2: OOOO
-4: O
Dying: OOOO

StatsSoak: 4B/2L, 13B/15L/13A with Armours
Soak 8L/6B, Hardness 3L/3B, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0, Attune 2
Soulsteel Breastplate and
Soak 5L/3B, Hardness -, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0, Attune 2
Silken Armour
Dodge DV: 7
Parry DV: 8
Dodge MDV: 7
Parry MDV: 1
Join Battle: 8

Speed 6, Accuracy 5, Damage 5B, Parry DV +0, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Damage 8B, Parry DV -2, Rate 2, Tags N
Speed 5, Accuracy 6, Damage 5B, Parry DV +2, Rate 3, Tags N
Exceptional Long Bow, Broadhead
Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage 7L, Range 250, Rate 3, Tags 2, B
Exceptional Long Bow, Fowling
Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage 7B, Range 250, Rate 3, Tags 2, B
Exceptional Long Bow, Frog Crotch
Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage
Target doubles its Armour's Lethal Soak
9L, Range 250, Rate 3, Tags 2, B
Exceptional Long Bow, Target
Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage
Target halves its Armour's Lethal Soak, rounded down
5L, Range 250, Rate 3, Tags 2, B
Hungering Fang of Darkness
Speed 4, Accuracy 19, Damage 18L/3L, Parry DV 7, Rate 3, Attune 8, Tags O
Effect: Drains a number of Essence motes equal to the wielder's Essence rating. These motes go to the wielder's pool.
Soulsteel Breastplate
Soak 8L/6B, Hardness 3L/3B, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0, Attune 2
Silken Armour
Soak 5L/3B, Hardness -, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0, Attune 2
Soulsteel Bracers
Decreases the Lethal and Bashing Soaks of the Abyssal's targets by 2, Attune 4
The Death-Speech Gemstone: Miscellaneous action to converse with any corpse that still has some flesh to it.
Soulsteel Thunderbolt Shield
Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 7B, Parry DV 8, Rate 1, Tags M, Sh0 Attune 5

Silverkiss Aug 26 '12 5:40pm

BP Usage:

Gaining +1 to Strength (4)
Gaining +1 to Stamina (4)
Gaining +2 to Melee (2)
Gaining +3 to Willpower (3)
Gaining the Background Artefact: OO (Thunderbolt Shield) (2)
Gaining the following Charms (21):
Corpse Needs No Food
Breathless Ghost Emulation
Cadaverous Torpor Technique
Void Stares Back
Raiton's Nimble Perch
Crouching Gargoyle Stance
Mist Over Ice

Silverkiss Aug 26 '12 8:05pm

Darkhallow Field
A small and secluded shadowland in the North, Darkhallow Field does not have much strategic value, and neither is in the middle of any major roads or regions of Creation. As such, the major powers of both Creation and the Underworld leave it largely unmolested. Bored with her lack of missions from her complacent Deathlord, Lasciel saw in Darkhallow the opportunity to gain a foothold in Creation, as well as resources for herself - which she promptly did, claiming Darkhallow as her own. To the present, no one has challenged her on her right.

Sleepinin Aug 26 '12 11:33pm That is a lot of health levels.

Stop making your Mate feel inferior! XD

Silverkiss Aug 26 '12 11:37pm

Well, she IS half-dead, after all, so I figure giving her plenty of health is a way to emulate her shrugging off wounds (that and giving her high Soak, of course!). My only doubt is if I should take out one or two -0 boxes and turn them into -1 boxes...

Yu Jie Aug 27 '12 1:52am

<3 to you Silverkiss for making up this character sheet. Mind if I snag it for mine? This is right about the look I was going for.

Silverkiss Aug 27 '12 2:00am

No problem, feel free to take it. :)

AscendedMaster Aug 27 '12 3:39pm

I would go for more health levels and take a Charm to negate wound penalties, were I you, unless you can somehow access fast regeneration, which I don't think Abyssals get at Essence <=3.

Illusionist Aug 27 '12 4:28pm

No Abyssal charms exist to negate wound penalties that I can think of offhand - though that just means I'll have to scan MoEP Bloodgoths and Scroll of Errata a bit more closely. In any case, my advice is, let the Lunars handle the tanking (seriously, a Lunar can get 19L soak without even trying, using Hide-Toughening Essence + Armor-Forming Technique + moonsilver lamellar armour - and that's presuming Ess 2 Stamina 3, which is the minimum for all those), and let the Dusk and the Dawn handle the slashing.

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