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kakimasu Aug 30 '12 3:36am

The Safehouse (OOC)
Ominous sounding title doesn't mean anything move along now. :)

kakimasu Aug 30 '12 6:40am

One reason for relatively simple starting builds: character advancement may be faster than many anticipate. You might end up having to revise your sheets before having the opportunity to use all/most of the traits you paid for at the beginning.

kakimasu Sep 1 '12 8:26pm

Can we begin the game by next Friday? You'll still have plenty of time for revisions long after we start.

Morgion Sep 1 '12 8:33pm

Yay! Friday is great!

Excited for this game - hits a lot of my favorite notes.. (Gritty, new supers, mysterious world, etc)

To start the relationship conversation:
Jess has been in Portland for about 7 years, having arrived there for college. She majored in Fine Arts (still working on specifics - possibly painting and sculpture), and despite her love for art, only did so-so. Often distracted by partying and socializing, she drifted towards the 'hippy' culture, which eventually led her to camping and rock-climbing, a past-time she has grown to love.

Jess currently works part-time in a small but pricey Portland art gallery as a receptionist (small enough that she is at times left alone to 'mind the shop' and attempt sales). She splits the rest of her time between creating her own art, engaging in various 'granola' activities (tending to community gardens, etc) and rock climbing.

I'd be open for almost any sort of PC ties; from rivalry (friendly or otherwise) to strangers (although I think she should only be a stranger to one person in the party, max) to long-term friendship.

KingGoblin Sep 1 '12 9:23pm

Friday works for me.

For relationships... Ellen is from Portland. She goes to college there, as well, for dance; working with the Fine Arts department sounds possible, so she may know Jess from campus, although she would stick more to the music/performing arts as opposed to painting and sculpture. But she is from an upper-middle-class background, so she may go to the art gallery occasionally; seeing Jess there sometimes wouldn't be out of the question, especially if they were in the same hiking club.

I notice they both have Attractive 2 as advantages; there might be a slight rivalry there, but it seems more likely that they would be at least casual friends.

For Romana; she hasn't been in America long, has she? Is it possible that she has been around to meet with the hiking club? They have at least that one excursion to the Cascades together, don't they?

Padrick wants to be an artist. Could they have run into each other occasionally in Jess's gallery, or do you just want to be friends from the hiking club?

Taran likes musical theater. Other than the hiking club, would he have hung out with dancers and performers?

I'm not really sure about Jack.

And, of course, I don't know Bran.

OgremanSam Sep 1 '12 9:56pm

Taran absolutely would hang out with dancers and performers. He was in a semi-professional show choir while he was in college; he's a great singer and dancer, and an okay actor. And even though he hasn't been in Washington long, he's very gregarious and makes friends easily. He's athletic but prefers running to climbing; I think it makes sense for Ellen to have introduced him to the group before the Cascades trip, if that's okay with you.

BTW it's pronounced the same as Terran (meaning earthlike), so you can read it correctly.

Morgion Sep 2 '12 12:10am

@KingGoblin - How's this: 3 years ago, Jess (5th year senior) and Ellen (Freshman) met when Jess was looking for subjects to sculpt/paint for a figurative class she was taking. Ellen sat for Jess and the two hit it off over several meals (Jess offering to pay in food, since she was a poor starving art student, herself) at a local restaurant / diner. Soon thereafter, Jess introduced Ellen to the hiking club and tried to get her into rock climbing (your call). They have a friendly rivalry / competition - and have had their ups and downs - but in the end do actually enjoy each others' company and care for one another.

Love it? Hate it?

@Prof Cephalopod - Besides the club, Jess and Patrick may know each other casually from one or another aspect of the Portland arts community. Jess is a struggling artist herself, and straddles several different cultural groups herself - her granola-crunching artist friends (how she self-identifies), the 'glamorous' world of successful art galleries, and the fitness and nature loving group of the hiking club (closely aligned with with her hippy roots).

@OgremanSam - Hmmm... Taran and Jess might have similar liberal leanings. What if they only know each other from the hiking club, but have
been slightly flirtatious... Nothing definite - just the occasional comment, joke or smile?
hit it off? Keep it ambiguous and low-key for the background, and let it develop/crash in game?

@all - Anyone else besides Jess interested in rock climbing as much as hiking? It would be nice to have a PC climbing partner (or two), since it shouldn't be a solo sport. =)

prof cephalopod Sep 2 '12 12:28am

Well I guess I'm cool for Friday I'll have a sheet up and done by then most definitly.

As far as our relationships, Padrick watches live music hangs out at niche bars and 2nd run theaters that have bars.

He hikes because he digs nature and being away from people, not for any particular health aspect ( he's slightly overweight )

He's only been in Portland for like 2 years, having left Pa 3 years ago and taking about a year to meander around the country.

Artwise I don't see him as a gallery type guy usually unless it's a low end hipstery gallery then he is most assuredly in. I see him doing screen printing, pen and ink, sketches, and sculpting, but he's never really put a lot of effort into attaining the whole art goal.

He wears chunky glasses and drinks pabst, yuengling if he can find it, or a good micro brew if he can afford it. Most of his friends in Portland he's met doing odd jobs, or at one if the trivia nights he goes to when he has time, or at things from another world wendsdays brings in some crazies ad he's befriended a few of them.

But I'm cool with whatever the consensus is guys. I can get artsy fartsy if that's how we're going to roll.

KingGoblin Sep 2 '12 12:30am

Sounds good, OgremanSam.

Looks good to me, Morgion. And Ellen is a natural at most athletic things, so she would certainly go rock climbing with Jess, if you aren't looking for that as a way to connect with other characters specifically.

prof cephalopod Sep 2 '12 12:34am

An idea padrick could have had you guys on as a guest for his podcast he does?

If we can't think of anything else

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