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xenophone Aug 30 '12 7:12pm

Anybody going to PAX? Lots of tbt rpg events going on. Folks from WOTC, Paizo, Open Design, and quite a few indie developers will be doing playtests/demos and doing panels on DMing, game design etc...

If you're walking the convention floor, make your way to the Indie Mega Booth. I'm helping my friends promote their new PC game, A Virus Named Tom, on Sat. and Sun. My name is Steve. Bald guy with a beard :)

leons1701 Aug 30 '12 7:15pm


Originally Posted by xenophone (Post 6017567)
Bald guy with a beard :)

No shortage of those at any con I've ever been at. :)

xenophone Aug 30 '12 7:17pm


Originally Posted by leons1701 (Post 6017587)
No shortage of those at any con I've ever been at. :)

Ha! I can assure you I was the first.

Tyoka Aug 31 '12 11:43pm

If I could only afford it. =( I live near pax. It makes me sad that I haven't been yet. Maybe some day.

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