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dragon0478 Aug 31 '12 6:14am

OOC Thread
OOC chatter can go here.

darkninja0200 Aug 31 '12 10:27pm

welp I think I have a basic enough understand of this deviation of D&D rules to be able to make my own sheet. Which I shall soon get to work on. If I need help I shall contact you dragon0478 :3

dragon0478 Aug 31 '12 10:29pm

Righto. Also, keep in mind that it's based off d20 modern, not D&D. It's mostly the same, but there are a few differences, like the rules for wealth.

Sturmm Aug 31 '12 10:56pm

So to ask: Who all is considering making a Jinchuuriki so far?

mtimefuntime Aug 31 '12 10:58pm

I might depending. I'm still unsure though.

Sturmm Aug 31 '12 10:59pm

I honestly dislike Jinchuuriki, so I will definitely not be making one. :p

the1johnson Aug 31 '12 11:59pm

This system is hurting my brain a bit but I want to play an Aburame!!!

When using a bloodline template i say how many levels i want to invest? Say 3 so I have the Major bloodline bonuses, so essentially I am a level 3 character but ecl 6(we start at level 6 and i gave 3 levels to my bloodline)

Is that correct?

Riggeem Sep 1 '12 12:35am

I want to build to Medical Ninja, but if no one wants to be hated from the start I guess I could be the unfortunate ninja that had a Tailed-Beast sealed into his/her body and aspires to be a medi-nin.

Why no Nine-Tailed? The beasted sealed in you doesn't die when you die, it just gets sealed into a new host, not complaining thou. Would be cool to be the prison of 8-tails, he seems to be a pretty cool kinda guy.

I'd also need to track down the alternate rules that have been spoken of.

dragon0478 Sep 1 '12 12:35am

Okay, bloodline levels are a bit complicated but here's the basics. at the beginning of the bloodlines chapter there's a table. That table shows when you have to take levels for each strength of bloodline. For instance, minor bloodlines have 1 at 1-6th level and 1 at 7-20th level (I think. I don't have the pdf in front of me right now). Now, you don't have to take any bloodline levels but once you get to 7th level, if you haven't taken a bloodline level, you get an xp penalty and you don't get anymore bonuses from your bloodline past level 6 until you take a bloodline level. So a good strategy is to take bloodline levels as late as possible in order to get the benefits from each tier without losing a level until the end. Does that make sense? I might need to grab my laptop and check the rules again to explain it better.

I have...plans for the 9-tailed jinchuuriki (cue evil laughter). Plus it's he only one that gets full bonuses from the various abilities if I remember correctly, giving the 9-tailed jinchuuriki a bit of an edge over other jinchuuriki. Mostly the first reason, though.

Riggeem Sep 1 '12 12:42am

Ah, okay. So... about those alternate rules, as Google-fu has failed me.
Never mind!

Nevermind the nevermind, still cant find them.

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