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aureljae Sep 7 '12 5:08am

Greetings and Salutations!
Greetings fellow gamers, I'm one who enjoys options and variety, so gurps is my game. I'm a lover of the arts, and all things anime/manga. I enjoy writing poetry, and listening to rock of all subtypes.

I hope to find many good gamers here with whom I may even become friends with outside the forums.

I am unsure what else to say, so I guess this is goodbye!

ta ta for now!

-- Aurel Jaeger

series0 Sep 8 '12 2:23am

Welcome to a truly amazing role-playing and storytelling site!

DaReaper95 Sep 9 '12 4:10am

Welcome to the weave! we sell cupcakes *smacks cupcake out of Vox's mouth* STOP EATING THE STOCK! as I said, we sell cupcakes :D here *picks up the cupcakes, cuts out the bitten bits, and wipes off the dirt* this ones still okay! *pushes it into your hands* that'll be $75. we accept Visa and Mastercard! :) Please leave your Social Security Number with the clerk behind the counter. VOX GET BEHIND THE COUNTER!

Voxanadu Sep 9 '12 10:51am

But... but... my cupcake...

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 1:51am

*throws cupcake at Vox's face* there! happy now? You're scaring away all my customers :'(

Voxanadu Sep 11 '12 3:58am

But... every cupcake in the world belongs to me.

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 4:09am

*eats a cupcake* Oh yeah? did that one?

while n <100
*eats another cupcake*
n= n+1

"WHAT ABOUT THAT ONE?... damnit... now I ate all my stock..."

Voxanadu Sep 11 '12 7:44am

...Yeah, but not mine. I've more than 100,000,000...

On a side note... do you attend my college? Cuz i was programming in C all last quarter.

stuezilla Sep 11 '12 7:01pm

Hello. welcome and awesome to meet you. this site is the biz niz. you'll love it. From my short experience with this site everyone has been top notch. have a good one and hope to see ya around

DaReaper95 Sep 12 '12 1:47am

No :3 and I do java. And I'm still in highschool. what college do you attend? I'll add it to the list of places I should apply.

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