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xavplusplus Sep 10 '12 7:21pm

Only done PbP once before
Hey guys I'm new here, I've done PbP in a shadowrun game. I'll be using this one for Spelljammer. And maybe more in the future

Voxanadu Sep 10 '12 8:52pm

Awesome! Welcome to the weave.

I like your Avatar.

xavplusplus Sep 10 '12 8:54pm

Thanks! I made it myself

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 2:03am

I do agree that you have an interesting avatar. I do not agree with Vox's use of the word awesome. Awesome would be "I'm using this one for DnD 3.5, which means we can totally get together in game Reaps" but thats okay. we welcome all here, even Vox.
Welcome to the weave!

xavplusplus Sep 11 '12 2:35am

hahah I like 3.5 as well!

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 2:59am


Voxanadu Sep 11 '12 3:37am

...I might make your character another's target reap.

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 3:47am

I'm already expecting that. I ran from the scales, and I've talked about being jumpy. I realise that this might have given you ideas and am totally okay with that.

Voxanadu Sep 11 '12 3:52am

Lmao, I was teasing you.

Like I'd admit my future plans so easily.

DaReaper95 Sep 11 '12 4:04am

O.o But I'd also know that my being jumpy might discourage you from using that angle.
But telling me makes it a toss up.
But you would have known that I'd expect that tactic, you'dve counted on it! So I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me!
You've beaten my basic attempts at killing you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you!
But you're also bored very easily, and I've tried 87890675 poisons to prepare your soul for death! You're tired of it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me!

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