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series0 Sep 11 '12 12:07am

Battle Tracker
A googledocs battle tracker I designed. Nothing super super just basic stuff.

The first rows have comments making a few recommends. Feedback welcome although most folks can probably edit it themselves. Originally for 4eD&D

Still a work in progress - preventing over max hits values and adding per round temp hits

Newer version coming soon.

Flea Nov 6 '12 11:11pm

Was there supposed to be a link here? Cause I don't see one.

Zelkon Nov 7 '12 2:55am

I need one of them battle trackers (for a game you're in).

series0 Nov 7 '12 9:45am

Battle Tracker

Shirocco Nov 7 '12 9:33pm

Deacon blues! You're looking cuddlier than i remember.
Also more edible!

series0 Nov 8 '12 3:00am

I'll grease down and set my fat on fire! No truffles for you!

Shirocco Nov 9 '12 4:01am


I'm guessing you're into the 4e these days, going by the thread

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