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impfireball Sep 17 '12 1:12am

How to Make Chainmail
This isn't me. Just putting this out there, since people have asked in the past.

Here it is.

Voice is hard to listen to, but if you're into this, then I think it's worth it.

Agricolus Sep 17 '12 2:29am

Cool. Been doing this for a few years. Found steel or iron isnt the prettiest material, and settled on aluminum fence wire. Works more easily, and after all, I'm not really trying to deflect weapons in real life. Will get a few of my websites up here in a while. It's fun, but repetitive and boring.

Powderhorn Sep 17 '12 1:55pm

I reload ammunition which can be just as boring and monotonous (though an eye to detail is critically important), and I find that the best time to do it is when listening to the TV.

Cyco Sep 22 '12 12:42pm

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Thanks for the motivation, been interested in trying out making chainmail for sometime but needed that last little bit of provocation...

Haven't got quite as far as a coif or a hauberk yet, but with what I had hanging around in a drawer I managed make something kinda useful out of my test try...

impfireball Sep 22 '12 11:05pm

Hey no problem - and it'd add that extra quality to LARPing, than just face painting, eh? :D

But seriously, it is a marketable skill.

Cyco Oct 1 '12 7:36am

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After my first attempt with what I found in some boxes I went and out bought some cutters and some thicker wire. Just wire from the local discount shop and me pliers pretty good at scratching it but it does make my first attempt look pretty pitiful.

Might have made it a bit too small as bit hard to rummage in it for a particular die. If I can find a black pull cord in a box it'll get changed.

Silverthorne Oct 2 '12 11:59pm

Browse your local farm and ranch store for different wires.

Cyco Oct 3 '12 12:03am

Lol. I'm in Hong Kong. We don't got th˘se :)

... or if we do, like the hardware shops, they probably not very non Chinese speaking hobbiest friendly. I guess it adds to the challenge. Almost tempted to mail order some stuff but weight is a killer for international postage.

Hibernate Paths Oct 9 '12 11:57pm All kinds of applications for chain mail.

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