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pliantreality Sep 19 '12 7:25pm

The New N00b On The Block
Howdy, folks. I ran across this website in my internet travels and was impressed by the site tools. I plan on appropriating those for use in my RL campaign, needless to say.

When I saw that this place also hosts pbp's, I was hooked.

And here I am, ready to be nestled in the warm bosom of this here online community. Coddle me, Myth-Weavers! Enfold me in your sundry delights!

Powderhorn Sep 19 '12 7:35pm

... coddle? We'll have to find one of our nicer members to do that. In the spirit of Gygax, roll save versus death.

just_jack Sep 19 '12 8:22pm

There will be no nestling or coddling around here, sir! Lose 50 experience.

Voxanadu Sep 19 '12 8:40pm

You wish to be enfolded into what delights me, eh?

~pulls out a piece of the grand tapestry known as the weave.~ Step into the folds of this, so i shall beat the rules and torments that men must pass to begin Roleplayers of myth and legend.

pliantreality Sep 19 '12 10:21pm

Yikes. First day here and I'm already saving vs. death and fifty xp in the whole.

I think I'll like it here.

Voxanadu Sep 19 '12 11:08pm

Step into the folds so i have a reason to beat you!

matty Sep 20 '12 1:27pm

It's certainly an introduction that makes me want to laugh. Having fun and making people laugh is surely a good thing.

Now, so it was an orc you wanted to be nestled in the bosom of, right? :)

Voxanadu Sep 20 '12 3:20pm

Nevermind... that's worse then being beaten.

Burning Spear Sep 20 '12 6:51pm

Oi, there is nothing wrong with a handsome orc, lol, I am playing one in a game or 2 and I think they are great fun :+)

DaReaper95 Sep 20 '12 8:16pm

First off, you don't get to roll a save against death unless death says so... I don't think I'm gonna give you that chance. You used 0's in your spelling of noob. I automatically claim your soul as payment for this vile act.

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