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Kerim Sep 22 '12 8:36pm

Ninjas Versus Pirates!
In honour of the new emoticon, I'll raise another old question.

:ninja: or :pirate: ?

Voxanadu Sep 22 '12 8:48pm

The ninja just stands there.

ClockworkAngel Sep 22 '12 8:59pm

It's a fake. The real ninja is sneaking up on the unsuspecting pirate.

Whisper Sep 22 '12 9:21pm


...and other threads that don't promote discussion.
Sounds like the right place for it.


DannyTorrance Sep 23 '12 2:57am

I'm doing a write-in.
My vote is for shrubbers.

thenightssong Sep 23 '12 5:28am

well obviously ninjas would win since pirates are bumbling idiots. The ninjas would be blowing the powder kegs before the pirates even knew they were on board.

TanaNari Sep 23 '12 5:37am

I'm thinking a Navy SEAL team would kick both their asses. And then possibly write a book.

Voxanadu Sep 23 '12 5:47am

...Do the seals have a smiley?
...Does the ninja smiley move?
...Does the pirate?

I say, vote arrrr.

Kerim Sep 23 '12 5:49am

There we go. Seal emoticon.

Xaviien Sep 23 '12 6:05am


Originally Posted by Kerim (Post 6101023)
In honour of the new emoticon, I'll raise another old question.

:ninja: or :pirate: ?

This poll sounds to me like: "Which emoticon is best?" in which case, quite clearly the pirate is superior. He even looks pseudo 3D.
Thanks very much Vox, you did a great job, though I have no idea when I would ever use it :pirate: (sensibly lol)

If the question is: "Who would win virtually any contest, a pirate or a ninja" the answer is obviously ninja.

The pirate emoticon wins. I think. Or do ninjas win? I'm confused, again...Why do we have to choose?!?!? can't we all just live together, happy and peaceful like, or happy and drunk in the case of pirates?

*rambles off mumbling*

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