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Wippit Guud Sep 24 '12 6:54pm

Doctor Who Season 7 (potential spoilers)
You know the season is going to be a roller coaster when you're crying in the first episode. And I loved seeing Peter Davidson back on the show for a guest spot.

MonkWren Sep 25 '12 12:17am

I'm looking forward to seeing River Song again! Just can't get enough of her...

Michael Sep 25 '12 12:53am

I've gotten hold of all 7 seasons, just finishing season 2. So on that note I shall exit this thread, stage left.

Kaitou Kage Sep 27 '12 4:39pm

Really, really looking forward to next week's episode. The Weeping Angels are my favorite.

MonkWren Sep 27 '12 10:56pm


Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage (Post 6119196)
Really, really looking forward to next week's episode. The Weeping Angels are my favorite.

Agreed, although Blink was a better episode than the second one with them.

Kaitou Kage Sep 27 '12 11:59pm

Oh definitely. They were not as scary in the second episode.

Fortunately, this next episode looks like it's going back to their roots.

GabrielLong Sep 28 '12 2:12am

I'm looking forward to it as well - but I'm a bit miffed. My DVR has been acting like a level-9 witch and so I missed Asylum of the Daleks and the last episode as well (I saw Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy). Loving the new season, but now I'm scrambling trying to find out where to catch the other episodes. Asylum may be a lost cause for now. BBCA had been showing the previous episode right before the new one, but according to the guide they're airing something else Who-related in its place this week :(

Riku8745 Sep 28 '12 3:59am

I saw Asylum of the Daleks and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, but I missed A Town Called Mercy. Love the show.

Kaitou Kage Sep 28 '12 2:55pm

I was super excited to find out Ben Browder was in it!

Krimson Sep 28 '12 3:29pm

A Town Called Mercy wasn't really my cup of tea, but I have enjoyed the others. That season opener was much better than I expected.

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