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Zuriel Sep 25 '12 1:41am

The New Arena of Ideas (In-Game OOC)
New thread; shorter load times. Discuss...

Mick the Rogue Sep 25 '12 2:18am

It's got that brand new thread smell too

Also, is Korvus down 17 points from Sai's attack?

Kuroimaken Sep 25 '12 2:23am

Stupid five-foot steps and no AoOs...

LucianV Sep 25 '12 2:55am

Making a new thread just makes me want to make dozens of irrelevant posts to fill it up quicker...Does that make me a bad person?

KingGoblin Sep 25 '12 3:18am

Ew. Don't make posts just to post. I won't.


LucianV Sep 25 '12 3:19am

Speaking of Bacon...I once played a Halfling ranger with a boar animal companion named Nocab.

KingGoblin Sep 25 '12 3:23am

Mmmm... Nocab....

Kuroimaken Sep 25 '12 3:26am

*incomprehensible gargling and drool*

Mick the Rogue Sep 25 '12 3:44am

I'm going to wait for the rest of my actions and see if Korvus is dead, if so I'll be trying to use a spell on the dear demon. Otherwise, I'll try and make sure the goblin went down

Crossroad Sep 25 '12 4:53am

I once played a goblin Ranger with a Worg companion (she's a hireling until I leveled the goblin enough to get Leadership).
The Worg called herself Trap Jaw (she takes the Improved Natural Attack: Bite and will be taking Improved Trip later) and called the goblin Rancid Meat, or occasionally, Bait.

PS: I think it's the site's codes that is working against smartphone limited browsing capabilities, likely.

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