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BrandilovesVader Oct 1 '12 2:58am

Shaken, Not Stirred.
Greetings, Myth-Weavers.
Obviously I'm new. c;
If my username was not a dead give-away, my name is Brandi and I love Darth Vader.

I'm kind of awesome.
Anyway, I'm here for DnD 3.5e and Pathfinder.

In addition, Voxanadu is ugly, weak-minded, and smells funny.

Can I have some batman-shaped cupcakes now? .___.

thenightssong Oct 1 '12 3:32am

Welcome and may the eternal powers forever guide your path.

Voxanadu Oct 1 '12 4:01am

It is noted that my beauty is not equivalent to the image below. However, it pleases me greatly you've heard of me.

Welcome to the weave.

DaReaper95 Oct 1 '12 10:51pm

*Stirs your milkshake and hands you a cupcake* Hope you like poison in your cupcake. Vox screwed up the last batch. Ya know, because he's an ugly, weakminded, smelly fool.
*kisses your cheek* Welcome to the weave.

Doomlord_Athakas Oct 2 '12 2:29am

Welcome, Brandi!!

There is a lot of awesome here, so you should feel at home.

Reaper, shouldn't we just make a new batch of cupcakes? Something with fruit to go with the chocolate fountain.

DaReaper95 Oct 2 '12 4:08am

Nah. We still have a bunch of cupcakes from this one.

Scoodles Oct 2 '12 5:48am

Welcome to the weave. I'm new here, myself. Never got the chance to play a 3.5 edition game (or any other game for that matter), and I'm deathly interested in hearing about it, and making my own sheet for it... When time permits I finally do buy the player's handbook for 3.5e. >3>

DaReaper95 Oct 5 '12 9:30pm

:3 if you're smart you can figure everything out with and a little help.

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