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Scoodles Oct 1 '12 10:41pm

Registered a while ago, since I just recently got into Dungeons and Dragons, and Pen and Paper RPs. Decided to write my introduction so I can get to know the community.

Though I have no experience in D&D, I've been a dedicated RPer for the past ten years, starting at the age of eight. I've written a lot of stories in my fair time, and in the process, have helped create, and expand on three different worlds. I thoroughly enjoy writing and character creation/development, so I've always been interested in trying D&D, but never got the chance until now.

So. Hello again.

DaReaper95 Oct 1 '12 10:54pm

:D HI! You're gonnna love it here. Plenty of hooligans for you to be inspired by. I'm death. nice to meet you. welcome to the weave.

Doomlord_Athakas Oct 2 '12 2:20am

Welcome, Scoodles!

I'm one of the scoundrels Reaper is talking about.

Scoodles Oct 2 '12 4:21am

Thanks for the introductions.

I'm looking forward to starting my first campaign soon. I don't know how to work a character sheet without assistance, but I believe my writing prowess will help balance everything out.

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