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paladinred Oct 2 '12 9:33pm

The Return of the Coven
A Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game for 6 players

TanaNari Oct 2 '12 9:40pm

Alrighty then. Time to break out Cletus the Redneck Bard.

paladinred Oct 2 '12 9:44pm

Cool,. a buff with spells. :)

steampunkadept Oct 2 '12 9:48pm

Hmmm, Was thinking of apping a Dwarven Bard, but if there's a redneck, ol' Riddick might be overshadowed

Scarecrow71 Oct 2 '12 10:04pm

Interested. App coming.

Reemos Oct 2 '12 10:26pm

An excuse to play a succubus or Erinyes on the path of redemption, perhaps? Using Savage Spieces monster class progression of course. ;)

Valthronis Oct 2 '12 10:38pm

Posting interest, have app coming asap!!!

LDDragon Oct 3 '12 8:45am

What sort of posting rate are you looking for from your players?

paladinred Oct 3 '12 9:06am

Sorry this should have been in the ad, I would like at least 5 posts a week, I would prefer 1 a day but RL may get in the way of a daily post so at least 5 would be ok.

DM Bot Oct 3 '12 10:55am

Posting interest.

I'm new to this site but not to PbP, I can easily meet the 5 posts a week expectation (barring RL catastrophe). Uncertain of what I might like to play as it is yet early in the morning but I am mulling over several ideas...

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