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Nerian Oct 3 '12 9:25pm

Character Creation Info
Attribute Dice: (Normally 12D) Check your Race type (Human/Alien) and 6d to that
Skill Dice: 7D

Force Dice must be bought with Attribute dice

Buying 1D in Force makes you force sensitive, buying #D in Control, Sense or Alter allows you to master chosen powers from those sections of the force at 3 powers per D and 1 power per pip.

All of the force powers can be used even though not masters at a +5 difficulty


Improving Attributes. Characters may improve an attribute one pip at a time. The Character Point cost is the number before the "D" times 10.

Skills. It costs as many Character Points as the number before the "D" to improve a skill's die code by one pip.
(Increasing a skill from a "+2" to the next higher die
— from 3D+2 to 4D for example — counts as a one pip improvement.)

Specializations. For specializations, the Character Point cost is one-half the number before the "D" (rounded up).

Advanced Skills. The Character Point cost to improve an advanced skill is two times the number before the "D."


Skills and Specializations. Characters can learn a new skill or specialization by paying enough Character Points to advance it one pip above the attribute.

MaJunior Oct 10 '12 5:32am

Would you allow a Noghri, Coynite, or Gamorrean?

Nerian Oct 10 '12 7:59am

I will get back to you later today on that one

MaJunior Oct 10 '12 8:58am

Okey dokey.

Nerian Oct 10 '12 7:51pm

The Noghri still serve the Empire as their assassins. Since Leah never went to their planet and convinced them otherwise she instead went and Solidified the Empire's hold on their species.

The Coynites see the empire as the strongest faction (at least right now) and have basically put their allegiances with them. Very few have not followed the Empire and have left their families to go a different way.

The Gamorrean are the Gamorrean.


Coynites, sure, but need to have a good backstory.

Gamorrean, I guess although I don't know how well that would fit with the group.

Meanmelter Oct 13 '12 7:31pm

May I ask how everyone's getting their character sheets to look all nice and fancy without it looking like a gigantic post of scrambled text? :S

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. My bad.

Nerian Oct 13 '12 8:29pm

No more than 2 specialty dice can be put into a specialty AT CHARACTER CREATION.

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