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Nerian Oct 4 '12 2:59am

A different kind of Star Wars Story...Yours
Let's make a different story together.

MadHatter Oct 4 '12 3:10am

I actually own the Jedi Infinity comic series, most of it, not all of it. I found it to be pretty cool and I love the D6 Holocron website. I used it a long time ago when I ran some west end star wars games at a local con.

I might apply for this.

Kerim Oct 4 '12 7:18am

Hmmm.... Even though my own experience with Star Wars is mainly Darths and Droids, I might apply.

Mischief Warrior Oct 4 '12 11:27am

Would a doctor character work for this game?

CptFitz Oct 5 '12 12:08am

D6 star wars, hells yeah!
I gotta a character ready to go! Where should we put the character apps? I made a new thread in the apps section of the forum but if that's incorrect just let me know and I'll fix it up.

MadHatter Oct 5 '12 1:05am

I do character sheets for West end different then everyone else does. I put the ranks I have in the skills, instead of the total. Meaning if I had a 4d dex and wanted 2 in blasters I would put 2d not 6d. Then I add them together. This makes the most sense from my standpoint.

Does this work out for you?

Nerian Oct 5 '12 7:23pm


Originally Posted by Mischief Warrior (Post 6146227)
Would a doctor character work for this game?

A doctor character would be most welcome

sorry character applications go in the applications thread in the forum
perfect captain fitz

that is perfectly fine mad hatter

Revenging Ewok Oct 7 '12 3:59am

Interested will get a character applied soon.

Nerian Oct 7 '12 10:03pm

I would like at least one more force using character...

don't let that discourage anyone from applying with anything they want though

Powderhorn Oct 7 '12 10:13pm

I've watched all of the Star Wars movies exactly once, years and years go, and I played SWTOR for a solid three months. That's exactly as much knowledge about Star Wars as I know. I've also never used this rules set before. If you think I can "fake it 'till I make it" on that much, I think the premise is interesting, and would love to play. Though I'm not keen on filthy force users, if you want to have one more force user around, I could see a character that hates force users just as much as I do, only to find out he has some command over it as well!

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