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Sorak Oct 4 '12 5:10pm

A different sort of L5r!
So, I had planned to have this be at least a "semi" private game, but as it turns out :) I would like some more people. You lovely M-W people to join!

This, in the long run, will likely not be Par for the Course as far as l5r games. But in the end, it will be a lot of what the players make of it.

A Court-like setting is where the game will begin, but it is not likely to be a court heavy game. For now, it is basic character creation

Please ask any questions you may have!

Blakkmonk Oct 4 '12 5:45pm

i'm game. anything restricted and can I assume we are Rank 1?

Sorak Oct 4 '12 6:11pm

Nothing I can think of as completely restricted, I would suggest something that isn't a "Pure" courtier (This would be mostly Doji and Bayushi courtiers in my mind.) Likely before you leave iron turtle city you will be rank two, so being 1 in courtier 1 in something else would not be unseemly IMO. Or a courtier who is quite skilled in other things, or an other thing that is quite skilled in court. Basicly 1 trick ponies may find themselves not as happy as they might hope.

Syltha Oct 4 '12 6:34pm

Two questions Sorak; which edition and are you okay with a newbie?

Sorak Oct 4 '12 6:40pm

4th? (the newest I believe?

And very much so being okay w/ new folks!

CptFitz Oct 4 '12 6:54pm

I'm very excited for this. I'll start working on a character today

Natshikrak Oct 4 '12 7:00pm

Sounding interest. Let me read my book...Haven't play for a long time.

Sorak Oct 4 '12 7:02pm

^_^ Well lemme know if I can help w/ anything! there is some discussion going on in the forum already. feel free to review and join the discussion

Blakkmonk Oct 4 '12 7:15pm

scorpion clan. do you want the apps here?

Sorak Oct 4 '12 7:19pm

In the Game threads should be good

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