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FinalCalibur Oct 4 '12 10:42pm

Big Freaking Sword?
Semi new to D&D, playing for about half a year on the Playground. It's unfortunately down for a few days, appparently, so I'll ask a question I had here while I wait for it to get back up.

Essentially, my question is this: Could a Goliath take Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Full Blade), and use a Large Heavy Full Blade in 2 Hands with no penalty?

The biggest q is getting the Full Blade approved as a 3.5 weapon, since it comes from a 3.0 book. Though I'm not sure if Magic of Faerun is completely 3.5 either, actually.

After that, it would be just seeing if you could potentially take Exotic Weapon Proficiency for a Heavy Full Blade, or if you have to do it for bot a Full Blade andthen the Heavy version. Doesn't say you have to, but doesn't say you don't.

Certainly better than Monkey Grip for all your Buster Blade needs, though since this idea's usng a race that's using Powerful Build (which is basically the same thing, but with less suck), I suppose not by much.

What say you guys?

Also, hi.

Sephirothsword117 Oct 4 '12 11:40pm

Technically, this is all gonna be up to the Dm. If he's ok with a backwards port from 3.0 for the heavy property and the full blade, and then ok with you not spending 2 Exotic weapons proficiency feats for slight variations of the same weapon since you'll only be using one anyway, then yeah, your set.

leons1701 Oct 5 '12 11:07am

I'd allow it most likely. Whether another GM will or not is the question. Only really matters in a low level game, by mid levels either your melee character is too weak to matter or most of his damage comes from Power Attack and other tricks, not the weapon dice.

Sephirothsword117 Oct 5 '12 10:42pm

Oh, I'd allow it two, given that I know Most of his damage by 8th lvl or so comes form class features (Dungeoncrasher, pounce, Martial Initiator progression, Arcane spell channeling.), or feats (Power attack, Arcane strike, Knowledge Devotion).

But I'm more lenient then a lot of DMs.

NikitaDarkstar Oct 5 '12 11:15pm

IT really is up to your DM, but I don't see why not, it's not exactly a game-breaking thing you're asking for.

Methin Oct 6 '12 6:02am

As a DM i would say that the EWP Fullblade and EWP Heavy fullblade would be two different weapon feats for two different weapons, based on the MWP feats ie MWP Light pick, MWP Heavy pick are different feats, but the argument could also be made that MWP Longbow covers a longbow and a composite longbow. It really boils down to DM's choice as everyone has said.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 6 '12 7:08am

Can a Goliath wield a 4d8 weapon with a single feat? No. Can a Goliath weild a 4d8 weapon with two feats? Yes.

Can a Goliath then scale himself up a size category for whatever reason and wield a 6d8 weapon? It's encouraged.

steampunkadept Oct 8 '12 4:31am


Originally Posted by Requiem_Jeer (Post 6153676)
Can a Goliath wield a 4d8 weapon with a single feat? No. Can a Goliath weild a 4d8 weapon with two feats? Yes.

Can a Goliath then scale himself up a size category for whatever reason and wield a 6d8 weapon? It's encouraged.

With feats, flaws, and traits, I've built a level 1 Goliath (ECL 2) who wields a Colossal sized weapon for 8d8 + 10STR bonus + Power Attack, + Cleave. Very few creatures can survive my minimal damage at that point, and cleave goes off almost every hit.

Keradi01 Oct 8 '12 4:46am

Oh yeah, I remember when you did that steam. Munchkining to the max there.

As for the ruling on whether you could get access to that sword and the proficiencies to it, like everyone said, that's up to the DM. However generally, anything from 3.0 can be used in 3.5 so long as 3.5 didn't change it. So technically you'd be able to use a 3.0 weapon since there isn't a 3.5 equivalent. However any DM can just decide against it for whatever reason. DMs usually like being able to control their players and what they have access to, and making use of books from a previous edition can be seen as troublesome to some DMs.

My suggestion. Just do it. If your DM brings it up, explain it to him/her. You'd be amazed at what a DM will just nod his head at if you don't bring up questions early on.

steampunkadept Oct 8 '12 5:05am

I did shelf that character for the time being Keradi, I will pull him out again if I get the chance to run a level 2 character in a game.

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