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P33J Oct 5 '12 7:09pm

Kingmaker: Crusader State
Now Accepting Applications.

also, for those not familiar with Golarion and looking for regions, visit and then use the Pathfinder wiki to learn about your home. :)

P33J Oct 5 '12 7:28pm

1 small addendum, you can also be Lawful Evil, the only two alignments I won't consider are Neutral and Chaotic Evil

Iolaum Oct 5 '12 8:18pm

Hm, posting Interest. Are psionic classes allowed?

P33J Oct 5 '12 8:28pm

You'll have to work with me on it. I"m not familiar with psionics and I know it's the kiss of death for some while others love it, if you'd be willing to help me keep things within reason, I think I could be ok with it.


CockroachTeaParty Oct 5 '12 8:38pm

I'm extremely interested in this. I'll fill out the application later today, but I've been wanting to play through Kingmaker as a Cleric of Gorum. Fighting demons or Brevoy or the River Kingdoms doesn't matter; only that he can fight!

Interestingly, the original background I had for this character involved him being raised near the World Wound. How very fitting!

P33J Oct 5 '12 8:55pm

Awesome. Cleric's of Gorum are more than welcome. I play one in PFS that's a Negative Channel Smite monster lol.

ohmsford Oct 5 '12 8:57pm

I'm posting interest for it. Might not get an app up till monday though.

P33J Oct 5 '12 9:00pm

No worries, look forward to reading through it.

Churlish Oct 5 '12 9:03pm

I'll see if i can come up with something that interests me.

ohmsford Oct 5 '12 9:11pm

Ok I'm totally making a Gunslinger. I'm assuming that is ok since you said all classes.

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