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kakimasu Oct 6 '12 8:35am

Humble beginnings
Hello. I'm a relative newcomer but no stranger to roleplaying. I've been trying to get a game going for keeps and here's hoping third time's the charm!

Despite the overly verbose setting "blurb" this is not a very ambitious concept. Just six inexperienced adventurers setting out with a caravan and taking the story wherever their decisions lead. There will be dungeons but most of the set-pieces touch matters that actively concern the average inhabitant of a hinterland and, later, average city. War, crime, schemes and a marauding monster or a dozen. :)

If the party proves up to what they find in their path, they might find themselves holding in their hands something worse than any monster: responsibility.

Cross our fingers.

Impiltur. The Forgotten Kingdom. Every year they come to the Farwater. Callow young men and women with grand dreams and bigger doubts. At the gateway to Impiltur's hinterland stands the city of Ilmwatch. Each summer traders arrive on ships from across the Sea of Falling Stars to attempt the journey north along the Merchant's Run. In their wake sellswords and sell-spells chasing coin and recognition. Many fall never to return. Sometimes a few come away with more.

The life of an adventurer is uncertain and beset with trial. But it is welcome to anyone willing to try.

Character creation:
Level 2, 28-point buy.
1,000 xp starting experience. 900 gp starting wealth. Full HP 1st-2nd level.
HP 3rd onward roll and take the better of the result and the average (HD*1/2, +1 at odd levels).

Allowed material:
PHB starting classes only.
Non-PHB variant/alternative classes/features/levels ask.
Non-PHB/DMG feats and and items allowed but subject to DM discretion.
PHB races and Forgotten Realms variants only (strongheart halfling, lesser tiefling so on).
Post requested prestige classes and non-PHB classes for (future) multiclassing.
No LA. No monsters. No templates.

Post apps HERE. Once you've completed them you can post in the Prologue. Thanks for reading.

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 6 '12 8:36am

If you don't mind me asking, what caused the other tries to crumble? Was it players having to leave?

kakimasu Oct 6 '12 8:41am

I had a fantastic group of players the first time! They didn't have a fantastic GM. :(

The second one hasn't gotten off the ground. It was probably a case of too much management before the game even started!

I am trying to keep things simple (and closer to my chest) this time. :)

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 6 '12 8:49am

I see. Consider me interested, I'll get ya an app. =P

TheFred Oct 6 '12 10:46am

FR is always fun, though I might have to brush up on Impiltur.
L2, PHB classes... hmm. I'll have a think.

Natshikrak Oct 6 '12 2:34pm

Fighter. The same fighter in that 2nd game. : )

Elder_Kin Oct 6 '12 6:27pm

Wow finally a nice low level game where I can play the and develop him.

TheFred Oct 6 '12 6:41pm

Might there be scope for multiclassing into non-PHB base classes later? Just considering my options.

wezzyfish Oct 6 '12 6:51pm

I'm interested, we'll see what kind of time I have with all my current games already, but maybe I'll toss in an app in the next couple days.

LDDragon Oct 7 '12 2:55am

What sort of posting rate are you looking for from your players?

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