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DeJoker Oct 6 '12 10:53am

nWoD VtR Sin City
Okay taking basic concepts who they are in general and what your plans are with them along with Clan / Covenant if it feels right we will hash out the rest in the game character creation thread.

But please read the following as it will be fairly important to your submission.

Note the number of characters being accepted is somewhat open ended and should read 1 or more not just 1

Ramaloke Oct 7 '12 7:55am

I'm trying to figure out what idea I want to go with.

What books are open for use?

Thrythlind Oct 7 '12 1:13pm

I don't have the requiem books and won't have money for them until next month.....

Ramaloke Oct 7 '12 5:02pm

I'm looking at making one of these two concepts:

Invictus Daeva (Eupraxis) Socialite
Circle of the Crone
Clan and Bloodline not set in Stone
Gangrel (Vedma) Blood Witch

prof cephalopod Oct 7 '12 6:01pm

Alright I've got the core requiem book, and have never played nwod and I'm kind of busy, buuuuuuut I have a concept I can't shake IE Mexican biker version of marv ( more than likely a gangrel ( bruja) or nosferatu). I picture him basically looking like a heavily scarred version of Emilio Rivera the guy who plays the head of the Mayans in Sons of Anarchy. . . .

Knight of Holy Wor Oct 8 '12 12:41am

@Prof: I can help you, we could even arrange some form of joint backgrounds if our characters both get the O.K

prof cephalopod Oct 8 '12 12:45am


GiasRhen Oct 8 '12 6:48am

I am curious about this.

Concept: Reluctant Neonate Initiate, Closet Disciple
Character: Ventrue Invictus, Disciple of Ordo Dracul

The character will be being sent to Vegas by his Sire. On the surface he is efficient and works hard. He does as he is bid, is polite, and does his best not to step out of place. Unfortunately he never seems excels either, which at first was looked at with promise from his elders. Hopefully working in the Casinos in Vegas will push him his elders hope.
The move from St louis to Vegas works for XXX as he will be away from his Sire and close to his mentor in the Dracul society. If he can just keep it all under the table for another couple of decades.

DeJoker Oct 8 '12 7:14am

Okay well some folks have begun submitting character concepts under the game within the "Character Rendering" folder feel free to so as well.

I am going to be using mostly just the basic books but am not closing the door on other possibilities. I currently have (WoD, VtR, PlayersGuide, ChroniclersGuide, ClanDaeva, ClanGangrel, ClanMekhet, ClanNosferatu, ClanVentrue, CovenantCarthians, CovenantCircleOfTheCrone, CovenantInvictus, CovenantLanceaSanctum, and CovenantOrduDracul). Now while I have these materials it does not mean that I have fully digested them all. I do have them to check references and such but I am originally a oWoD VtM Storyteller and while I am familiar with nWoD now I still sometimes cross my wires on the rule sets and story content.

Thrythlind do not necessarily worry about the books they are mostly for the crunch. You can check the Wiki's for general information then come up with a neonate character or maybe piggy back with one of the players who is submitting an experienced and neonate vampire for play and perhaps role-play the neonate for them. Conversely I think Knight of Holy Wor I believe has offered to help build characters.

Thrythlind Oct 8 '12 7:24am

might come up with something....doing some ghost writing right now...and hoping the client doesn't decide to call "can't pay, so put it on hold" again

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