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Plugsy Oct 7 '12 1:20am

Just ... wow

I want one... but doesn't look easy to master.

Dalara Shadowmist Oct 7 '12 1:37am

Those ones are different than the one I saw before in a similar video. The one I saw is called a Jetlev. The price is quite a pretty penny too. With tax, will bust the 100k mark. Just for one XD. I would assume the model in the video is around the same price.

Either way, they are entirely impressive. Your reaction Plugsy was just like mine when I first saw the Jetlev.

TheMattStone Oct 7 '12 5:22am

.....Why is this not commercial?

Oh dear god I want it.

Lord Ben Oct 10 '12 2:09am

Hey, my co-worker rode one of those while on vacation. He said it was pretty hard to control but was enjoyable. There was some guy giving rides on them, he spent $300 for about 45 minutes.

Selwyn Oct 10 '12 3:10am

Uh, yea, wow. I think I could make my money back in one summer on my lake. College kids nearby. Wow.

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