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KellyCat Oct 7 '12 1:34am

Fallen World
I am seeking 1 player to join a group that includes a cleric, druid and swordsage. I am looking for a mage or skilled character (bard, rogue, you get the idea). You are free to create NPCs within reason (teachers, parents, siblings, partners, ect) while writing your back stories, but if you give yourself the legendary Excalibur that you won in a game of poker, you might not get in :P

Books: I have almost all except setting books, but if there is something rare you want to use... Let me know what book you are looking in.

Level 3, 32 point, Gold standard (no more then 1/2 on one item)
LA +1 (if you ask me about it first)

Description: 1+ paragraph
Personality: 1+ paragraph
Back story: 3+ paragraphs
Roleplay sample (game you are in or small in character sample (or write your backstory from your character's perspective, be creative), just something so I can see your writing style)

Alaguster Oct 7 '12 1:40am

I'll see what I can come up with.

KellyCat Oct 7 '12 1:41am

Applications go here before I forget.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 1:49am

Would you allow a neutral or good aligned version of the Maiden of pain from Players guide to faerun pg 183

KellyCat Oct 7 '12 1:57am

I am going to be honest, I do not have the Faerun/Ebberon/Other setting books... So I would not even begin to know the basics on that class silverwolfer.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 2:08am

Hmm well to put in a easy way

It is meant as a cleric prc that works from a goddess of pain

So it is a 9/10 casting without the first level of casting, medium bab .

1st level you are addiicted to a drug you have to take, gain an the pain domain as an extra domain ((book of vile darkness), can make touch attack spells with a whip , and a "pain" touch attack once per day you can stun someone, for one turn .

3rd level improved trip

4th level touch pain attack 2 / day

6th level improved disarm

If i was going to make this a good aligned class, I would choose a god that believes in self flagellation. (( A world view that if you deal pain onto yourself you can heal others of that pain and prevent it.))

KellyCat Oct 7 '12 2:36am

I am going to say no... Mostly because I would be tempted to do a Mr Macky impression when it comes to the drugs.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 3:05am

drugs are bad mmmkay

KellyCat Oct 7 '12 5:02am

Also as a note, you do not need to complete a sheet prior to the close date. If you wish to do one, it is your choice... but it will not improve/decrease your chances of getting accepted. Just throwing that out there.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 5:41am

do you own the books dragon magic or races of dragon? was looking at maybe doing dragon fire adept

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