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TheMattStone Oct 7 '12 5:14am

Here to help my sister!
I'm new here! Set up an account to get my sister some writing practice and to develop her imagination.

She absolutely freakin' LOVES zombies.

Feel free to check out the game- or if she's stuck and I'm not on, to drop her a hint/help her out

Secutor Oct 7 '12 3:47pm

Welcome to MW and what an absolutely METAL idea.

TheMattStone Oct 7 '12 10:55pm

Hi there Secutor! Thanks so much!

neon man Oct 8 '12 4:26am

That is awesome. Welcome, Matt.

Hey, Welcome Mat!

Ever heard that one before?

TheMattStone Oct 8 '12 4:30am

So so many times *laughs* but thank you!

ssDko Oct 8 '12 8:56am

Wellcome to Myth-weavers. Always good to see a bro helping out a sibling. :)

TheMattStone Oct 8 '12 2:01pm

Thanks friend! :)

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