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KillerK Oct 7 '12 5:22am

Arctic adventure in homebrew setting needs a couple of players!
**ATTENTION** New players requested are now 2.

My homebrew-setting D&D 3.5 arctic adventure, Hands of the Iron Queen, is in need of a couple new players. This game has plenty of combat and action and stuff but is also heavily RP-centric, so if you want to play please enjoy reading and story and traveling and stuff. Read up on setting info here, and please try to fit your character in with the setting.

Put your apps in this thread, please.

I appreciate well-thought-out backgrounds, and I will even try to include any plot hooks in your background into the game somehow. I believe in making the adventure personal for every character in some way or another.

**Warning: Characters with generic, non-setting-specific backgrounds will be rejected outright regardless of how awesome everything else is. I also am not a fan of reused characters from other campaigns. I'm also not nuts about Homebrew stuff because a lot of it is a bit too "out there" for me, unless it is well built/balanced and makes sense. (I know, kinda hypocritical considering everything else in D&D, but you know what I mean.)

I'm open to any LA +0 race. If you have a really strong case for using an LA +1 race I will listen, but I will be biased toward LA +0 races. However if you're willing to work with me to nerf some aspect of an LA+1 race to make it LA+0 I am willing to work with you on that. Also if you feel like it and have the time, skim through some of the adventure threads, particularly the Prologue thread, to get a feel for what's going on and who your comrades are.

The game is played by 2 groups of four. The other three in Group 1 are a male human barb/rogue who will be handling roguish tasks and can hold his own in combat; a male human ranger, who is focusing more on melee and plans (IIRC) on going into a knightly prestige class; and a male human wizard who specializes in conjuration.

As you can see, group 1 is lacking in divine/healing types. (The old character was a bard built for healing, and the character before that [who never saw play] was a dwarf cleric.) This group is made up of more civilized characters who are comfortable in cities and that sort of thing. A hardcore divine type would be more useful than one who dabbles, as there will be times when it might be necessary to heal disease/poison/negative energy damage and stuff.

The other characters in Group 2 are an orc barbarian/spirit shaman, a neanderthal ranger, and a human fighter/rogue. As you can see the group lacks any arcane power but truth be told I can work around that. Make what you want but I do believe that this group has quite enough martial power, so martial-focused characters might be a bit redundant. The character being replaced for Group 2 was a druid, but don't let that color what you decide to build.

**I don't really want fighters or other primary martial characters...both groups have enough of that. Some martial power is ok but these new characters should be able to fulfill other roles too that the groups are lacking. So, specifically I am not looking for fighters, rangers, knights and others of that type as current players fulfill that. Duskblades etc. are ok since they can do other things too. Just don't want a party to have all physical and no magical prowess.

Both groups are currently traveling to their respective missions. Group 1 is heading to an ancient ruin in the middle of a huge inhospitable swamp to investigate what is going on with an archaeology/research team that went silent. Group 2 is trudging overland to a small frontier city to try and straighten out why barbarians and other native North inhabitants are attacking more frequently.

Character creation rules:
- Roll 4d6 6 times, drop lowest, reroll 1's. 32 point buy if your total stat mods are +3 or less or if you don't roll even one score of at least 15.
- starting level is 5, with 10,000 gp for starting equipment.
- Also, I won't be enforcing XP costs for item creation. Gold cost and time cost remain the same though.
- 2 flaws are allowed.
- Available sources include most anything published for 3.5 except: no psionics, no Eberron stuff (Even if something from Eberron that was later included in a Monster Manual), and no ToB. If you absolutely want something from Eberron or some specific setting, run it by me and if it's possible to de-setting-ify it, I might consider it. (However I put my foot down at no Changelings and no Warforged.)

I will allow 3.0 sources as long as it wasn't explicitly updated for 3.5. I don't want the Vow of Poverty feat from Book of Exalted Deeds though. In my experience it tends to cause more trouble than it's worth.
** I draw heavily from Frostburn and Stormwrack for this setting, and anything from those two books is definitely accepted/encouraged.
- Any alignment except evil. If you pick Chaotic Neutral I expect you to have a good reason for it, and at the first whiff of you using it to justify being "Chaotic Stupid" I'll make you change it. Also I *will* have people change their alignments if they grossly stray from them.

By the closing date I would like everything to be done including character sheets. The adventure is underway and as soon as you start you might be using equipment and rolling dice so I'd like whomever I choose to be prepared. :)

This is not a hack and slash game: there will be challenging combats, but not constantly around every corner; you will be RPing with your fellow group members a lot. If you're not into character development, roleplaying, relationships and stuff, this might not be the game for you.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 5:43am

if we don't want to play the flaws slot system , can we trade in two flaws for +1 La instead?

KillerK Oct 7 '12 5:46am something I never thought about. I think I will consider a character made like that. Just keep in mind I will weigh the new character's power level against the others in the group, and I might decide not to pick someone because they seem too powerful in comparison. Just want everyone to feel equally needed is all.

(I think the others in the group are all fairly powerful too...not super powerful, but I would say they are fairly above the average PHB characters.)

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 5:48am

so instead of doing the cheapie flaw system to get 2 nearly free feats, your allowing if we avoid that, we can instead get a +1 LA buyoff?

steampunkadept Oct 7 '12 5:49am

Flaws from UA, or can they (with DM approval) come from the D&D Wiki?

KillerK Oct 7 '12 5:51am

Silverwolfer, no, if you pick a +1 LA race you still gotta suffer the consequences. One thing I make sure about the flaws is that they really are flaws - that they will indeed impact the game at some point. Also not every player took advantage of the flaws, anyway.

Steampunkadept, yep you can use the Wiki for flaws. In fact that's where I prefer to get my flaws.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 5:53am

damn alright

KillerK Oct 7 '12 5:54am

But like I said I don't mind nerfing a race a little to bring it down to LA +0. For example, in the past I took away the Catfolk's +1 natural armor bonus (leaving all the other goodies alone) to bring it down...I seem to remember doing something similar for someone who wanted to play an Uldra.

steampunkadept Oct 7 '12 5:56am

Two of the flaws I rather like are Dark Premonition and Secret Voices. Would you allow me to take both (which would be a lot of fun to play, and make for a really awesome, tortured, Emo Bard)

I thought about Music Lover as a flaw for a Bard, but that would kinda make him unable to use his music because he'd fascinate himself

And I'd be very tempted to play a Cat Folk Bard as an LA 0 without the natural armor, but that almost screams cheesy Overpowered.

silverwolfer Oct 7 '12 5:59am

will you allow the frostburn craft skull feat to be used in replacement of craft potion? I like it but, I personally think the requirements are late gaining, versus other comparable creation feats.

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