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Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 6:59am

Heiko Kudzu
Name: Heiko Kudzu

Classes: Breeder/Botanist/Medic

Backround Information: Heiko is the daughter of two renown figures in Kanto, a celebrity pokemon coordinator and the respected if not a household name Professor Kudzu. While Heiko had large amounts of attention and material wealth growing up, she still turned out painfully shy and intimidated by most people.

Description: Heiko is a very small girl, wearing a baggy hooded coat that makes it easy for her to retreat into to hide her physical expressions, especially ones of embarrassment. This bagginess also serves to conceal her figure to the point that she looks even younger then she actually is. She wears plain stockings with her knee-length skirt, showing no actual skin anywhere on her body. Her straight black hair is done in a bun usually, so as to not get in the way of her hood, but otherwise falls to her mid-back. Her coat contains many pockets, with which she conceals innumerable pokemon treats, her pokeballs, medicines, more treats, and various gardening tools. Her eyes, when seen, are a dark green, and her skin is a tanned color, although it is like this naturally and not from an actual tanning regimen. (Think Egyptian)

Tenure: Instead of a traditional pokemon adventure, Heiko was sent to the Celadon City gym to apprentice to Erika for a few years before actually being sent out into the world. While Heiko learned only the most basic botanical skills, Erika's kind and understanding demeanor helped to bring Heiko out of her shell... a little. Erika trained Heiko in the arts of tending to her pokemon, fostering deep connections and helping her learn the healing arts, even if Erika didn't have those precise skills in her personal repertoire. It was Erika that helped Heiko personally hatch and raise her two pokemon, the exeggcute a personal gift and the ponyta egg sent to her from her parents as a helpful mount for her journey. Erika was estatic about the rifts, having talked them up with Heiko for a long time before one day deeming her ready to go out into the brave new world and make her proud.

Pokemon Wishlist: I don't really have any preferences, but Heiko will primarily be looking for utility in her mons instead of combat power. Mons with healing moves like Chansey, Gardevoir/Gallade, etc. would be certainly preferred.

End Goal: Heiko would like to make her idol, Erika, proud of her for her accomplishments, even though she has no idea what she should do. It is intended for this character to be the group omega, going along with everyone else and helping them with their goals in hope of finding one for herself.

Quote: "As Miss Erika always said, 'Only with love and care can a seed become a great tree.' I hope I can become a tree someday..."


Trainer Character Sheet
Name  : Heiko Kudzu          |Gender: F      |Max HP : 70
Age    : 14                    |Height: 4' 9"
Level  : 5                    |Weight: 80
Classes: Breeder/Botanist

STR | 12 |  0  | 12 | +1
DEX | 08 | -2  | 06 | -4
CON | 12 |  0  | 12 | +2
INT | 10 |  0  | 10 | +0
WIS | 16 |  4  | 20 | +5
CHA | 16 |  4  | 20 | +5

Current Team
Nigemichi the Ponyta 10
Nasubi the Exeggcute 10

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)
1      Egg Factory              7 breeding checks a day, DC 35, -5 to check, can identify eggs on sight
1      Arms User                AC6, 1d10+7 damage
1      Natural Edge              +2/+2 to Bred pokemon stats
2      Natural Progression      +1/+1 to pokemon stats at every 5th level
3      Berry Planter            4 Berry slots, grows 1d4+1 berries in 1d4+1 days
3      Healing Berry Search      1/day 1d20+5 DC 15 for berry number 1d10
4      Home cooking              1/day 1d4+5 mons and trainers are fed. It is delicous. Know diets of mons on sight.
5      Tender Loving Care        1/day 1d20+10 or 5 mons heal to full and remove status in 8 hours

6      Berry Efficiency          Use berries twice before consumption
1/7    Natural Edge +            +5/+6 to bred pokemon stats
8      Treat Minor Wounds        3/day Heal 20HP
8      Muscle Relaxants          2/day heal paralyze
9      Medicinal Expert            Add wisdom stat(23) to healing items and to status cure items
10    Berry Merge                Merge 5 berries to a 2/day auto-injecter
11    Hybridization                  Plant 2 different berries, resulting 1d4 berries have both effects
12    Won't Die on Me            Free action Interrupt, make someone re-roll failed death saving throw with 5 or 25 subtracted from roll
12/13  Won't Die on Me+            Free action Interrupt, make someone re-roll failed death saving throw with wisdom (27) reduced from roll
14    Better Living Through Medicine      1/day use 2 medic features or restorative items, or 1 of each
15    Booster Berry Search
16    Rare Berry Search
17    Effectiveness Berry Search
18    Flavor Berry Search
19    Treat Wounds
20    Litters
21    Litters +
23    Never would of happened
25    Buffet
27    Berry Booster
29    Treat Wounds
31    Treat Major Wounds
33    Treat Serious Wounds
35    Restore Strength
37  Shock Therapy
39  Pain Killers
41  Eat it!
43  Egg Hatcher
45  Egg Hatcher+
47  Chosen One
49  I believe in you!
A Spade
5 pokeballs
2 great balls
3 potions
1 antidote
Berry Planter
Rawst Berry (burn cure)
500 pokedollars
Pokedex: Kanto

2 Seen (25 till next level)
2 Caught (10 till next level)

Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 7:31am

As for the Music, that would be here
Song of Healing

It fit more in the stage when she was a psychic, but then I remembered she can't start empath because it has one of the most ridiculously non-intuitive class prerequisites in the game. In the medic/botanist build it makes more sense backstory-wise for her to start botanist, and the required item is more expensive on botanist, and it rewards you more for getting into it early, etc. Point is, I have her plotted out to level 10 and Medic is coming in at level 8.

I can very quickly cobble together the Pokemon she starts with, but First I need some clarification. Do they or do they not start with my natural edge? Do they get some oomph from my natural progression feature?

Reemos Oct 8 '12 1:47pm

Yes, they can. This game will assume you've been with your pokemon for some time and all your class features will be taken into account.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 3:30pm

Dice Roll: 1d10 1d10 1d10 1d10 1d10
d10 Results: 6
d10 Results: 4
d10 Results: 8
d10 Results: 1
d10 Results: 4
Berry rolls!

1 Cheri Berry (paralyze cure)
2 Rawst Berries (burn cure)
1 Leppa Berry (Ether)
1 Persim Berry (confusion cure)

I'm going to say 1 of each are planted currently, just that morning, with the following timers and yields:
Dice Roll: 1d4+1 1d4
d4 Results: 4 (Total = 5)
d4 Results: 3
Dice Roll: 1d4+1 1d4
d4 Results: 2 (Total = 3)
d4 Results: 3
Dice Roll: 1d4+1 1d4
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 2)
d4 Results: 3
Dice Roll: 1d4+1 1d4
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 2)
d4 Results: 1

MadHatter Oct 8 '12 3:35pm

Found this. Thought you might like it. If not, *Shrugs*

Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 3:41pm

Eh, my character looks odd, no big deal if there's no good picture.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 5:42pm

Changed my stats a little bit so in the unlikely event she gets to 25 I can go into Buffet.

MadHatter Oct 8 '12 5:59pm

A Charisma of 20 is shy? How is that possible. LOL

Requiem_Jeer Oct 8 '12 6:04pm

Yeah, remember the scale is different then in D&D. There's no skill points, so that charisma 20 is when she took that year of charm school when she was six.

Reemos Oct 8 '12 6:05pm

A Charisma 20 can be shy. She is shy, but ho so very pretty to look at, if you actually see her, behind that big jacket. ;)

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