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atreusAbnegated Oct 9 '12 1:21am

Greetings fellow life forms
I'm atreusAbnegated! Long time rollplayer and favorer of silly things, it's a pleasure to join the community.

canjowolf Oct 9 '12 2:21am

Hi there Knight of Space. Welcome to the weave. Watch out for the Reaper. He likes to hang out in this forum and might take umbrage to the life form comment. Or maybe not. Try out the cupcakes. I am told that they are delicious.

thenightssong Oct 9 '12 2:27am

No don't! Someone poisoned them!

Well anyway as long as you don't accept anything from the reaper you should live long enough.

atreusAbnegated Oct 9 '12 3:08am

Dare I ask who or what this Reaper is?

Xaviien Oct 9 '12 5:20am

You may know him better as Death...
Friendly chap, he GMs about 86 games, and he and his friend hand out cupcakes. Cupcakes that will KILL you!!

Oh yeah, Welcome Aboard Atreus. I hope you enjoy your stay.

DaReaper95 Oct 9 '12 10:54pm

No! My cupcakes won't kill you, unless they make your taste buds explode! :3 they're amazing. Ask Vox. *points to the doorman who is sitting on the floor eating hordes of cupcakes, and is clearly not dead* Here, try one . *Hands you cupcake*

Xaviien Oct 9 '12 11:00pm


Originally Posted by Voxanadu (Post 6131692)
It is noted that my beauty is not equivalent to the image below. However, it pleases me greatly you've heard of me.

Looking at the doorman, you get an unshakeable feeling of apprehension...

atreusAbnegated Oct 10 '12 6:14pm

Who is this Voxandu character and why is he implying that s/he's Darth Vader?

Xaviien Oct 10 '12 10:52pm

Nah, he was implying that compared to him, Darth Vader is a beauty.

canjowolf Oct 10 '12 11:42pm

=/= =/= < ^ =/= =/= >

Not Equivalent does not equal less than and Not Equivalent does not equal greater than.

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