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Reaper314 Oct 10 '12 11:25pm

Franklin "Bones" Jones
BasicsName: Franklin Jones AKA Bones AKA Franky Bones
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Level: 5
Class 1: Mystic
Class 2: Shaman
Class 3:

Bones was born Franklin Jones, but he ain't overly fond of that name. Instead he usually goes by Franky or more recently Bones. Growing up he knew he wanted to be a pokemon trainer, what little kid didn't want to pursue that career? His family made ends meet most of the time but it was often a matter of surviving on the bare minimum. That sort of life taught him early one how to take care of himself and how to be strong.

His understanding of pokemon was a lot different from his peers. Most anyone can figure out a method to train a pokemon. Very few can understand them on a primal and instinctual level. For Franky it was almost as if he knew what it was like to be a pokemon. Breathe like one, eat like one, and fight like one. Where another might try to lead a pokemon down a certain path through training and nurturing he knew which path the pokemon naturally wanted to take. Because he knew such things instinctively he could connect and grow together with pokemon naturally.

When he was old enough he set out into the world to experience the wild and unknown. Exploring the places furthest from civilization has become a goal of his that he rarely strays from. In these remote places he discovers rare pokemon and feels most at home. That's not to say he avoids cities or people. In fact, he loves meeting up and testing his skills and those of his pokemon against trainers who have taken a far different path from his.

His first pokemon was a cubone. The thing was a perfect match for Bones. It had a skull helmet and a large bone club. Bones befriended the solitary pokemon and made it his first companion. The aptly name Skull was adament and would defend Bones with it's life. The reverse was also true as Franky Bones would defend his companion if need be. The second pokemon he captured was Geist. The Duskull had been stalking him through a remote jungle. Over the course of a few days it would appear briefly at the edge of his vision then disappear. At night it would make terrorize him with noises that kept him wide awake and fearing for his life. When the ghostly pokemon finally made its move it nearly caught Bones unaware. His iron will was the only thing that kept him focused and allowed him to defeat the Duskull with the help of Skull. Since then his bond with both pokemon has continued to grow stronger with each day lived and each battle fought.

This most recent event, the discovery of a new continent, has opened up the potential for great adventure and it's an opportunity to explore the unknown that he can't resist.

Bones can come across as rough and sometimes uncaring. That's mostly a product of his upbringing and lifestyle. You have to be tough to live in and explore the wild alongside pokemon. He values strength and endurance and he can view those lacking such qualities negatively at times. He is however a staunch ally and once you've earned his trust and friendship he would go to any length to be there for you.

Theme Song:
Regular Groove
Fight Song

StatsHP: (12x4)+(5x4)+(8x3)=84

Str: 19
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 18
Cha: 10

1: Arms User
1: Mystic:
At-Will - Drains 10 of user’s HP per use.
Target: A Pokemon.
Effect: Make a Link Check, then subtract your Wisdom or Strength Stat from your roll. If it is successful, the Pokemon is being Channeled. The Pokemon is considered Helpful. Until this ally is attacked or severely distracted, it will listen to the Mystic’s suggestions and follow the Mystic until they are leaving the Pokemon’s home. You have knowledge of its Pokemon’s Move List, Abilities and Capabilities. You have knowledge of what happened in the Pokemon’s past hour. You and the Channeled Pokemon can communicate telepathically. Any attempt at attacking or capturing the Channeled Pokemon results in the Pokemon fleeing without fail. The Channeled Pokemon will not attack on your command. However, if the Channeled Pokemon is yours, treat it as usual, except it is being “Channeled”. You may only have one Pokemon Channeled at a time. If a Pokemon is more than X meters from you, it is no longer Channeled. X is twice the sum of your STR modifier plus your WIS modifier.
Trigger: A Pokemon you are Channeling.
Effect: Choose a Move on the Channeled Pokemon’s Move List. You may perform this Move, once, as a Trainer Action during the next 24 hours. Use your STR modifier for your Attack stat and your WIS modifier for your Special Attack stat.
Effect: Whenever you target a loyal Pokemon you own with Channel, treat your Possession Check as if you rolled 0.
Channel Friend
At-Will - Drains 5 of user’s HP per use.
Target: Adjacent Pokemon.
Effect: You can talk to the Pokemon in its language for 4 hours.
4: Shaman:
At-Will - Drains 10 of user’s HP per use.
Target: A Pokemon.
Effect: Roll a Link Check, subtract half of your Wisdom stat from the result. If you Channel the Pokemon, it is Possessed. While Possessed, you are in complete control of the Pokemon. You may act during an Encounter as any normal Pokemon would. You have access to the Pokemon’s Move List, Abilities and
Capabilities. You may leave a Possessed Pokemon during your turn as a Trainer Action. If you are Possessing a Pokemon and you are captured, you are trapped until the Pokemon is sent out of its Poke Ball, at which point you may remove yourself from the Pokemon. You may use Trainer Features while Possessing a Pokemon, unless the Feature specifically says that you cannot. While Possessing a Pokemon, using a Move counts as your Trainer Action. If the Pokemon you are possessing faints, you may immediately return to your body. If you are Possessing a Pokemon and they are die, you die as well. While you are Possessing a Pokemon, your Body is left unconscious. It cannot make checks and it may not act on its own accord. You may Channel multiple Pokemon with Mystic Features, but you may only Possess one Pokemon at a time.
Trigger: You leave a Pokemon you were Possessing.
Effect: Choose a Move on the Pokemon’s Move List, whom you are leaving after Possessing them. This is considered a Borrowed Move. You may perform the Borrowed Move, once, as a Trainer Action during the next 24 hours. Use your STR modifier as your attack stat, and your WIS modifier as your special attack stat.
Possession Borrow
Effect: Add your WIS modifier added to your STR modifier multiplied by 3 to your total HP. This only applies to your human body.
Mystic Veil

Reaper314 Oct 10 '12 11:26pm
Name: Skull
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Type: Ground
Egg Group: Monster
Size: Small
Weight: 1

Keyword: Last Chance
Effect: Ground

Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 3, Power 2, Intelligence 4

Base Relation: DF>AT>HP/SD>SPD>SA

HP: 5+5= 10
Atk: 7+3= 10
Def: 10+2= 12
SpAtk: 2+0= 0
SpDef: 5+0= 5
Spd: 4+0= 4

MAX HP: 40
Def. Evasion: 2
SpDef. Evasion: 1
Speed Evasion: 0

Contest Stats

Ribbons Won:

Egg/Natural Moves:
At-Will - 2
Effect - Ranged (5)
Effect: No Target, Burst
Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl
lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1
Combat Stage.
Cute - 2d4 - Excitement
At-Will - 2
Effect - Ranged (4)
Effect: 1 Target
The target’s Defense is lowered 1
Combat Stage.
Cute - 2d4 - Excitement
Tail Whip
3d8+10 - EOT - 5
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target
Bone Club Flinches the target on 18-20
during Accuracy Check.
Tough - 3d4 - No Effect
Bone Club

TM/Tutor Moves:

Reaper314 Oct 10 '12 11:26pm
Name: Geist
Species: Duskull
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Type: Ghost
Egg Group: Indeterminate
Size: Small
Weight: 2

Trigger - Hourly
Effect: When a foe Paralyzes, Freezes, Burns, Poisons, or puts the pokemon with Synchronize to Sleep, the foe is given the same Status effect they inflicted.

Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 6, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Invisibility, Phasing

Base Relation: DF/SD>AT>SA/HP>SPD

HP: 3+3= 6
Atk: 4+2= 6
Def: 9+1= 10
SpAtk: 3+3= 6
SpDef: 9+1= 10
Spd: 1+0= 1

MAX HP: 28
Def. Evasion: 2
SpDef. Evasion: 2
Speed Evasion: 0

Contest Stats

Ribbons Won:

Egg/Natural Moves:
At-Will - 2
Effect - Ranged (5)
Effect: 1 Target
The target’s Defense is lowered 1
Combat Stage.
Cool - 2d4 - Excitement
Center - 2
Effect - Ranged (8)
Effect: 1 Target
The target loses HP equal to the level
of Night Shade’s user. Do not apply
weakness or resistance. Do not apply
Smart - 3d4 - No Effect
Night Shade
EOT - 2
Effect - Ranged (10)
Effect: 1 Target
Name a Move. For the remainder of the
encounter, the target may not use that
Move; the Move is considered Disabled.
A target may not have more then 1 Move
Disabled, if a new move is Disabled,
the last Disabled Move is no longer
Smart - 2d4 - Excitement
At-Will - None
Effect - Self
Effect: No Target
The user’s Normal-Type and Fighting-
Type Moves can now hit and affect
Ghost-Type targets. Foresight’s user
is unaffected by the effects of Moves
which make them have to roll higher
during Accuracy Checks to hit. Targets
may not use their Speed stat to modify
Accuracy Checks. Foresight’s user can
identify the real target using Double
Smart - 1d4 - Good Show!

TM/Tutor Moves:

Reaper314 Oct 10 '12 11:27pm

This app is still a work in progress. Just wanted to get this much up so I can access it from different locations.

MadHatter Oct 10 '12 11:42pm

I instantly befriend you!

Reaper314 Oct 10 '12 11:51pm

Awesome! Wait what? That's what Bones is supposed to do! lol

Vinom Oct 11 '12 12:01am

I'd instantly challenge you to a fight, cause that's how Savannah deals with 90% of new people.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 11 '12 12:31am

Franky Bones? I like it! Your backstory should probably reflect your starting mons though, so when you figure out which ones, you should probably include a blurb about them in there. Otherwise, great work!

Reaper314 Oct 11 '12 12:46am

Yea I wanted to include a little something, but I haven't decided which pokemon would best fit yet.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 11 '12 12:52am

I figured. It can be hard to assess these things I admit. As some vague selection advice, I recommend a mon that can somehow protect your defenseless body, even if it is by just picking it up and dashing off. Alternatively, you can pick a mon that has a effective, hard to get capability like phasing, blender, invisibility, etc. Also, if you've ever borrow'ed transform from a ditto before, you can know how useful it can be.

Just speaking from experience on what kind of mons synergize well with shaman. (just because Purity_Riot was a dang fool with her mon builds doesn't mean that her selections were a bad plan)

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