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Flea Oct 10 '12 11:54pm

Red Hand Reunion
Vegan and Panitari are the first to move up into the room. Vegan starts sifting through the pile of bones in the room nearest to the entrance. It looks like a pretty ordinary pile of bones, except that Vegan does notice that inside the pile of bones is a heavy shield, a longsword, a shortbow, and a quiver with 10 arrow shafts sticking out from it.

Light starts to bring more into view as Panitari moves further into the chamber, but it still doesn't go far enough to light up the entire room. There is indeed another pile of bones to the north, and Panitari notices a
third pile of bones in the shadows of the everburning torch to the west. More of the eastern wall lights up, and they can see that the walls of this room are indeed covered in murals as far as they can see. They seem to depict a series of older robed humans, standing on clouds or riding chariots, or pegasi through the sky. The faces of the humans are more realistic than the other elements, suggesting that they are intended as Portraiture. Panitari can see that the murals continue on the south wall, and three of the portraits there have been defaced.

Barely in the shadows of Panitari's torch she spots two thrones that sit along the north wall of this immense and mostly darkened chamber. One has a rotting but still fleshy corpse on it, and the other has a bleached skeleton with a cimitar in one hand. A shimmering suit of scale mail armor, and a light shield are hung on the wall behind the thrones, but they are only barely visible in the dim light providd by the two everburning torches carried by the group.

The eyes of the fleshy corpse begin to glow. "Intruderssssss!" it lisps. "Conssssssume them!" The two creatures on the throne both seem to come to (un)life.

Jymmi Oct 11 '12 3:09am

Vegan Hybrid (Avenger/Battlemind) (Knight Hospitaler)

Vegan jumps up and pulls out his swords with a fright "More damn undead." Vegan charges up hid sword with radiant and fires at the wight.

Flea Oct 11 '12 4:09am

The Battle Takes A Turn....
After Vegan fires off his poorly aimed shot of radiant energy, the wight chuckles and laughs as if unafraid. He then calmly commands, "Arissssse, my warriorssssss!"

Suddenly the three piles of bones scattered around the room begin to swirl into the air. Spinal columns assemble, legs attach to hip bones, and weapons and shields are suddenly at hand. In place of the piles of bones, are now fully armed skeletons. What's more is that it sounded like there were more skeletons assembling off in the darkness.

eastc Oct 11 '12 5:44am

Tink. Tink. Tink. A small metal sphere rolls out into the middle of the room, unfurls itself and hovers in the air. It's magic illuminating the enemies.

Dawn stands from her position behind Slygoth and the piller. Her mechanical Punishing Eye recharged after the night's rest. "We're lucky they didn't come after us when Sinruth did," Dawn replies, hefting Sally and slotting a bolt with a crank of crossbow.

"Panitari, you might want to back up a bit," the you artificer warned.

Liz Timmons Oct 11 '12 6:45am

Yes you are very right Dawn hears Panitari in her mind.Then as Panitari starts to move back she Distracts the Deathlock Wight by having him see spots before his eyes and the sends a wave of doom through his and the Boneshard Skeleton minds

Flea Oct 11 '12 8:18am

Plunged Into Darkness....
As Panitari moves back, the light retreats with her. The thrones and it's occupants are no longer visible to
unless you have Darkvision
anyone. Neither is the westernmost skeleton. Only the two skeletons closest to Vegan remain in the halo of light, and the northern most
Number 2
skeleton is just in it's shadows.

justin_elliott Oct 11 '12 10:58am Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"How many?" Slygoth moves out slightly. "If there are too many We should move back into the corridor."

Jymmi Oct 11 '12 11:09am

Vegan glances back at Slygoth "There's two over there by the throne, he might be able to call more skeletons."

freeclint Oct 11 '12 2:25pm

Bel aims, and fires an arrow into the skeleton straight out from hallway.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d6z

Flea Oct 11 '12 8:40pm

Bel's arrow catches the skull of the
skeleton 2
skeleton and takes it off the spinal column and plants it into the northern wall. The rest of the skeleton falls apart after its head is taken off. The wight begins to laugh again as his warrior is destroyed before his eyes.
"Sssssuch good aim... sssstep clossssser Belegveril.... or do you prefer to go by Bonegnasher these days?" comes the nearly excited sounding voice. Though raspy from years of decay, Bel is starting to hear a familiarity in it.

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