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WorldEnder Oct 11 '12 10:41am

Mao Englehardt
Name: Mao Englehardt
Age: 16
Classes: Ranger/Detective/Photographer

Theme Song: You're Gonna Go Far Kid
Rival/Battle Theme: Doll Judgment

Quote: "Eh? My name? Mao Englehardt, ace investigative reporter! You remember that name, 'cause the whole worlds gonna know it once I'm done here. From Kanto! To Hoenn! And yes, to Erstwire too. But hey! Might I trouble you for a quick interview?"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Done, for the most part.

MadHatter Oct 11 '12 3:34pm

I instantly befriend you.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 11 '12 3:49pm

I like your concept here. For a detective ability, might I recommend Unnerve? Wilds usually have berries or something, so stopping them from using them increases loot rewards. For defensive purposes, can't really beat Unaware (nastiest mons have messloads of combat stages), while offensively infiltrator allows you to have mons place walls that you can just ignore.

Just some suggestions, although some of those immunities are very tasty (insomnia? yes please!). Very tough choice.

WorldEnder Oct 11 '12 8:12pm

MadHatter - Not if I befriend you first. :^^:

Requiem_Jeer - Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to look those two features up and reevaluate things a little. How do you think the stats look for the mons in the meantime? I think I did alright there, but a second opinion never hurts.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 11 '12 9:39pm

You don't get a level up point for level 1, so you have one point too many on both. Also, Houndour's hit point stat cannot be equal and must be lower then his special defense stat.

WorldEnder Oct 11 '12 11:34pm

Looking over the stats, I see where I made a mistake. Mod for CHA should be +2 and the base 20 (1 for Detective and 1 for Ranger). That said, I can't find in the book where it says you don't get a point upon hitting level 1, and the excel sheet I use for calculations I pulled from another player grants a point upon hitting level 1. What page are you getting this from?

For the houndour though I just plain goofed, nice catch.

Requiem_Jeer Oct 12 '12 12:59am

I mean for pokemon, pokemon don't get a stat point for level one. Trainers start at level 0, so they get a point at level 1. Double-checking, your player stats seem fine.

Edit: Woah they are NOT fine! You have too many of your base stat points in a single stat... I'm having trouble deciphering your math though, could you list it in a plainer fashion? such as:

Base point allocation/Class bonus/Level bonus

Is what I'm getting here, which is two points short on your base and two points in excess on your level up. Also, you need 13 base dex to pick up ranger. Also, you don't get the stat point for cross-classing into photographer, so no wisdom bonus there.

WorldEnder Oct 12 '12 4:18am

Once again, you are quite right. I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure where my math went wrong here. Probably some minor mistake I didn't catch, causing the entire process to be skewered. Oh well, at least we caught it early on.

Also noticed I forgot the 'max-16' rule for starting out, fixed now (hopefully).

Vinom Oct 12 '12 4:45am

Given her personality, I see our character butting heads quite a few times before they agree to respect each other.

Filia Rose Oct 12 '12 4:52am

Cristi would probably butt heads with her too or come to a grudging respect towards her.

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