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TremblingVines Oct 15 '12 1:33pm

Welcome to you all, the successful Gods.

As soon as you have accepted the game invitation I will put up your own section containing a couple of threads, one for your God, one for your people, one for miracles that we have worked out and one for miracle creation.

I will also be putting up some pre-made miracles for everyone to look at. There is also some more character creation to fulfill regarding miracle styles and tribe creation, but I will go through all this with each of you as you come on.

AscendedMaster Oct 15 '12 2:57pm


twen5 Oct 15 '12 6:24pm

Feels good to be one of them who made it. Can't wait.

KingGoblin Oct 15 '12 7:16pm

Looks like fun.

Coren Oct 15 '12 10:30pm

Thanks for the invite into the game. I was getting kind of scared when no one replied to my application post. I really don't know how to play this game, so hopefully we'll have some learning sessions before we get started. Can't wait!

AscendedMaster Oct 16 '12 1:05am

As long as you all recognize that you are rightfully my loyal minions, we'll do just great! =D

KingGoblin Oct 16 '12 1:27am

I have no idea how to play, either, so I'm sure we'll do just fine. Or accidentally blow up the world.

WhiteKnight777 Oct 16 '12 4:50am

Accident? Oh... yes. Accident.

AscendedMaster Oct 16 '12 5:14am


Originally Posted by WhiteKnight777 (Post 6189472)
Accident? Oh... yes. Accident.

Just as planned.

WhiteKnight777 Oct 16 '12 5:31am

Looks like Reyl is going to have to invent potato chips.

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