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Ithamar Oct 15 '12 6:32pm

The Arena of Ascension - Now with Psionics!
Ah yes, the good ol' Arena of Ascension... Maybe you've heard of us? We are the biggest game on the Weave, and have been running continuously for more than 3 1/2 years. And now, for the first time in its history, we are allowing Psionics. Has the Arena God finally gone off his rocker? Probably. To make it worse, we also have rules now so you can play as a Paragon creature. :twitch:

A quick rundown of what the game looks like:
  • All gladiators are Gestalt.
  • You can play as Monstrous or boring non-monstrous.
  • Players can have multiple gladiators at the same time.
  • The game is purely PvP arena action.
  • Gladiators typically start at level 10 and you can advance rapidly all the way up to level 20!
  • There are a whole lot of rules. Feel free to ask questions about any of them!
  • Check out the Gladiator Thread to see just what kind of broken cheese competition you'll be up against!
  • No Homebrew is allowed. But we do allow access to a huge number of sources.
  • Though it is a competition of sorts, we're all here just to have fun. Players frequently work together on builds and get advice from one another.

So, that about covers it! If you are interested in joining, mention your interest here or post in the Green Room, or even shoot me a PM. I can set you up with a private thread and you can get to tinkering on a build or two.

Rock_DS Oct 15 '12 6:57pm

Oh this look's fun... Count me in =D

Fernfur Oct 15 '12 7:03pm

Interest piqued! Going to look at the rules and stuff later... I'm def interested in joining!

silverwolfer Oct 15 '12 7:06pm

won't steampunkadept call copyright infringment?

Ithamar Oct 15 '12 7:09pm

Why would he?

steampunkadept Oct 15 '12 7:09pm

Copyright? What copyright?
My arena idea was not original.

But damn, a chance to optimize a gestalt? I'm so in for this.

TheHumanDynamo Oct 15 '12 8:12pm

As one of the longest standing players in the arena, feel free to hit me up if you have questions regarding how things run, rules, need help flushing something out, or just want to say hi :)

LtLukoziuz Oct 15 '12 8:20pm

I've read we get 5 battles a day - obviously, those don't need to be finished in real time day, right? I might or might not join this, still thinking.

Nameless Void Oct 15 '12 8:38pm

You ever going to have a non-gestalt Arena Ith?

silverwolfer Oct 15 '12 9:00pm

Can I gesalt a human commoner with infested chicken flaw?

secondary question

will arens be flat ground, or will we have lava/water/huge bolders/ a chair to sit on

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