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DeJoker Oct 15 '12 9:36pm


DeJoker Oct 15 '12 11:13pm


DeJoker Oct 16 '12 12:56am


MadHatter Oct 16 '12 4:05am

I INSTANTLY BEFRIEND YOU! With a *Super big bear hug*

You know what is coming Dejoker. You did for me before. If I am accepted and you are. Could you make it so my pokemon is set up with the coding like yours? Make it easier to read. LOL

What is Letter Press and how does it work?

Darchias Oct 16 '12 4:10am

Rune Master, it's a Mystic Advanced class.

MadHatter Oct 16 '12 4:12am

That is an awesome ability. Thanks I am still knew to this. My only real ability is having pokemon do high damage.

DeJoker Oct 16 '12 4:22am

Well Letter Press used to be even more awesome when there was Hidden Depths and Hidden Spike its too bad those Rune Master abilities were removed <sigh> I so liked the idea of having Curse (Ghost version) along with Recover -- and of course Disable, Teleport and Ally Switch were kind of nice too. Ah well easy come easy go.

Oh and once my character sheet is done you can read what Letter Press does.

And as for the format you can simply Quote - Copy - Paste - then adjust

Vinom Oct 16 '12 4:50am

DeJoker, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they remove the feature that let you refine a Unown's Hidden Power. Assuming Reemos lets you start with a Prime Unown, which it is in his right as a DM in saying counts as more than 1 starting mon, you'd still need to roll for the type and potency of your Unown's hidden power abilities. Not to mention that Hidden Power is always a Special Attack based move.

Reemos Oct 16 '12 4:52am

Yes, you still have to roll for element and potency.

DeJoker Oct 16 '12 7:12am

None of the Unowns were refined in any way otherwise I could have gotten some rather nice abilities from using Hidden Spike and Hidden Depths as mentioned earlier.

As to the Special Attack question if you look at Letter Press you will find:


Originally Posted by Letter Press
You may combine up to a total of seven separate Unowns into one pokemon. Combined Unowns retain all different instances of Hidden Power. When using Letter Press on an Unown, for each instance of Hidden Power, choose whether it will operate on Attack stat or Special Attack stat. This choice is permanent.

However I did use the Hidden Power version listed with the Unowns rather than the standard Hidden Power featured within the normal list. Below I show the only difference between the two versions. I am assuming that this was done purposefully as that is the absolutely only Move (Natural, Egg and/or TM) that an Unown ever gets and as such it operates slightly differently than the normal Hidden Power.

Standard Hidden PowerHidden Power, roll 1d4 and 1d20. For the 1d4 roll, a result of 1 makes Hidden Power’s Damage Dice Roll 1d12+6; a result of 2 makes the Damage Dice Roll 2d8+6; a result of 3 makes the Damage Dice Roll 2d10+8; a result of 4 makes the Damage Dice Roll 3d8+10.

Unown Hidden PowerFor the 1d4 roll, a result of 1 makes the Damage Dice Roll 2d10; a result of 2 makes the Damage Dice Roll 4d6; a result of 3 makes the Damage Dice Roll 3d10; a result of 4 makes the Damage Dice Roll 2d20.

Now if the Hidden Power description included with the Unown is supposed to be the same as the standard Hidden Power description and they have an errata for it please let me know I will correct my Unown. Either that or if the GM feels that my interpretation is wrong and/or does not want to deal with the 2 different types of Hidden Power I will adjust my Unown's accordingly.

Other than that yes ... all rolls were made over, and over, and over, and over, and over again -- in fact the whole very long and arduous process of getting an Unown and determining its "suitability" which entailed gauging its power and attack type prior to Letter Pressing it into the prime Unown ... took many years and is outlined as such within the characters background and is probably the main thing that gained him those 2 extra levels after gaining Rune Master -- I mean he has the ability to summon an Unown once a day and if he dedicates himself to the task and does it once a day that is a minimum of 365 pairs of rolls a year, he also lived where Unown were readily about and in fact before he even became a Mystic he used to play with them as a kid and then more so as a Mystic and then even more so when he became a Rune Master plus he had his parents to help him out and guide him in his acquisitions and selection process. So it is not like he just went out one day and poof he had a fully pressed Greater Unown. This particular Greater Unown is part of his life his growing up and it is a very personal pokemon thus its name HieroTu (aka Hiero 2 or IOW Hiero II or the 2nd).

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