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Rumrunner Oct 15 '12 6:05pm

Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG
So Halfling NPG? Any ideas so far?

noobiegameplayer Oct 15 '12 6:09pm

I'm thinking Stout Halfling Cleric -- will need to read up on the rules again :)

Also the decision on a game I desperately want to make is made today (the GM did say my character was in his top 2 choices) and if I get in that, I may drop out of a few I've applied to :)

See below for my character Entrance :)

Saying that, I've not played / DM'd Next yet so we'll see :0

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 15 '12 8:04pm

Which game? I was sad neither of us made the drow one. =(

Rumrunner Oct 15 '12 8:17pm

I'm a lil confused there is that the app for the game that the decision is being made on today? The halfling game looks like fun, I enjoy playing halflings... Also I'd get to play a cantankerous goat herder... and its D&D Next, which is so far the best of the editions even if its only in playtests.

noobiegameplayer Oct 15 '12 8:45pm

Yah, I was too CG ... the other is a Pathfinder (my favourite game system) game called A New Beginning, decision is today ... I think you're on there too CG ??

I've got about another 3 apps in other games (which CG keeps stalking me on ...) ;)

I do like the halfling game, just putting a character together now ... since no one else is giving me what they want to do on AtG :)

Is he going to yell, "Git orf my land ..." at trespassers :)

Rumrunner Oct 15 '12 8:50pm

close "Git 'way from me Goats"... he owns fainting goats, which is irresistible fun for most of the youngsters but it spoils their milk.

Pathfinder's alright. It's fixed a bunch of the 3.5 problems, but really its just 3.75.

noobiegameplayer Oct 15 '12 11:52pm

I've spent about $2000 on pathfinder stuff ... It started as 3.75, but it is far superior in all aspects :)

I have a parcel arrive from paizo (I am on about 5 or 6 ?? subscriptions) each month, it's brilliant.

I normally run 2 or 3 RL games of Pathfinder a week ... there is so much depth to the game, there isn't much about PF I don't know :)

Rumrunner Oct 16 '12 12:15am

I enjoyed what I read and played but I found wasn't what I wanted. 4e came closer, I think 5e has hit it. So far it has.

noobiegameplayer Oct 16 '12 1:25am

Cool mate, 90% of Hiccup the Fighter - Protector done now ... :)

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 16 '12 1:42am

NGP, I was going to apply for New Beginning, but a few problems came up. First, since electricpiper was here, I had less time than usual for applications. Second, I thought it was closing on the fifteenth, but the ad said the fourteenth, and I needed that extra day to get an app done. Third, while I had a character concept in mind, my ideas for worlds/planes was shot. I just could not get a compelling backstory for the poor guy. That happens every now and then, and when it does, I backshelve the character for future use, when my mind can come up with something.

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