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Kerim Oct 17 '12 6:40pm

Myth-weavers new, special, and awesome online text-based game.
Yeah, I'm going to DM a game for all you guys. Basically, I tell you what's going on, and the posters decide what our hero is going to do.

1. The game will go as this: I am going to lay out a scenario out for you, and a question. The questions are mainly things like 'what are you going to do?' though sometimes they might be different, see below.

The first one to post gets the choice, though others may come in afterwards to try and change his mind (I will only read the first post, so edit it)
Afterwards, I will post either a follow up question, or the next part of the game.
You may not post more than once in a row. Actually, you have to wait until two questions later before you may post again, so that everyone gets the chance to participate
2. Don't post anything that would violate site rules.
3. Have fun. And don't forget: This is completely sandbox, and I'm as insane as you guys

First a couple of questions to get The Hero started:

What is your name and gender?

Scarecrow71 Oct 17 '12 6:44pm

My name is Flagrant the Foul, and I am male.

Kerim Oct 17 '12 6:46pm

What is your race and age?

MadHatter Oct 17 '12 6:52pm

Half Demon 4567

You should do a field box or spoiler to keep track of the character Kerim. So every GM/Kerim post you make has the details of the character sheet and important information. Just a thought.

Kerim Oct 17 '12 6:54pm

Thanks, good idea.

What is the other part of your heritage?

MadHatter Oct 17 '12 6:58pm

I can't post again right? I have to wait until two other people post.

Kerim Oct 17 '12 7:01pm

Yeah. Sorry.

matty Oct 17 '12 8:56pm

I am also half mouse.

MadHatter Oct 17 '12 9:10pm

Do you mean Moose?

Kerim Oct 17 '12 9:12pm


How tall are you? What is your hair/fur colour?

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