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Dirty Kobold Oct 17 '12 6:30pm

Bored Thoughts - Mapping with Minecraft?
I have a pad of graph paper I keep on me often for quickly mapping encounter ideas, but I have always had trouble with multiple layered maps. But recently I had an idea...

Has anyone here trying making a map with MineCraft?

It seems like its 1 meter cubes would match well with d&d's 5 foot squares. Though I feel it would require a specific skin dedicated to it. Does a graphics pack like that exist?

Also, I would need to take a screen capture of the map once I have finished it, any advice to take a good screencap that can be turned into a usable map?

Vaerthxaal Oct 17 '12 6:58pm

I think that could take a very long time, but if you did it I would use creative mode to get an aerial view of the map for the screen shot.

Dirty Kobold Oct 17 '12 7:08pm

Well if memory serves, in creative mode you can lay and break up pieces fairly quickly can't you?

TanaNari Oct 17 '12 7:12pm

That and don't forget tools like MCedit which can let you completely build and rebuild on axis structures, copy and paste existing constructs, and do all kinds of other crazy stuff.

Dirty Kobold Oct 17 '12 7:14pm

Now if I could only get a 3d printer that can make the maps after! lol

noobiegameplayer Oct 17 '12 7:17pm

Bah ... minecraft ;)

Mark where you want the "ups" and "downs" match on the graph paper, and then draw them in ... done :)

I have used sketchup to do a multi-level dungeon before, then present it to the players as a 3D map via a projector as they explored it ... though that was a LOT of work :)

Witchslasher Oct 17 '12 8:32pm

Make your dungeon in Minecraft.. Start a server.. Your friends log into your sever.. Begin play with your 3d Map!

I wonder if that would work? Especially if you had some laptops and could all just hook to the server via the LAN capabilities added to Minecraft.. There's some obvious hiccups.. Might be hard to to figure out how many blocks to go, but I don't think that'd be much of a problem.. Plus everyone has to have Minecraft to make it work.. Putting where monsters are might be difficult as well.. Could be an interesting thing to try..

Dirty Kobold Oct 17 '12 8:41pm

I'm really liking the idea of using a 3D printer to make maps now. Even without MineCraft, I could make the rooms with the printer then add perforated areas so I can break it up and toss it into a filabot when I am done!

Now I just need 2k to buy the damn thing...

Dirty Kobold Oct 17 '12 8:42pm

Also, good idea on the server thing. But IDK if my group would be up for that, we like maps. Also, the use of custom graphic skins would help clarify the block/grid issue. Adding a border to the edge of a cube for example.

TanaNari Oct 17 '12 8:57pm

Or, I think there's actually programs that'll let you play online the same way. Only more customizable since it's DESIGNED for RPG play.

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