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Dredge Oct 18 '12 4:59am

A Fresh Start (Group 2, Try 2)
Your opportunity has been given, your chance is now. Do you take that step through a purple gate that swirls with a magic unknown to you? It could be a trap, a hoax, one of your enemies could be behind this. You could be leaving family behind, will they live? The wars, the hunts, or what have you that ails your plane shall no longer be your concern. Swallow all fear, all notions of trickery, and take that first step to a new life.

You step through the gate, a pull seems to encompass your body. It pulls greater and tighter taking your breath right out of you. You feel a sudden snap as though your connection to your old world is gone, erased. You seem to be floating, no weight or restraint, you are unable to move or even breath yet aware of everything. No words can escape as you are helpless to even speak or move your mouth, unsure oh how long your journey is.

You emerge on the other side and fall to one knee gasping for breath and aching to have use of muscles once more. Your connection is still empty, as though your soul or ethereal cord was cut from traveling so far. Your eyes close and you start to weign until you allow that ever comforting sleep wash over you. You should have hit the floor by now, your head resting on that soft green grass that is almost unearthly green. A a person seems to be holding you and standing you up. You open your eyes to see blackness as far as you can see and a single man standing before you. He holds a long white cord in his hand that look ripped and torn, as though someone ripped it free. He wears wizards robes and has a soft handsome smile. He hands you the rope, "Hold on to this tight, trust me... I'm a wizard." With that you feel it launch back at a speed equal to terminal velocity. You look back to see where your heading and are faced by a motionless you standing, eyes closed, unfettered by your speedy approach. The rope you hold attaches to your motionless body, you hesitate to let go and save yourself from the impact but your a seasoned adventurer, little things like this are nothing.

You slam into your body, you open your eyes once more and lean forward from the shock of landing into your body. You look around at the others, they seem to be doing the same, some motionless and still as stone while others lurch forward. As soon as you get a bearing on your place and senses you can finally get a look at what's happening. The landscape seems nothing unusual, long rolling hills with many large open flat areas. Trees can be seen to either side very far in the distance, very little wild life can be seen, but there is lots of movement and noises by you. The sky seems clear, few clouds, a bright sun and very normal temperature. The humidity isn't bad very plain, it seems like the perfect day....almost.

A troll catches your eye walking off in the distant with about twenty five other. You then get a chance to re-look at everything, Gray renders following a group of villagers. Griffons, Roc's, and dragons, all colors all sizes and shapes, they all seem to be heading to a mountain so far off in the distance that it has to be impossibly tall and large. Goblins emerge from similar portals with the same lash back, immediately retreating into the forest behind you. All races, all monsters, and so many things are appearing at once, different times and places. Finally you see a sign in front of you, the sign reads, 'Welcome to your new home and your fresh start, your escape. Here are the building blocks to your new life.'
-Invictus Juliani

In front of you is a small quaint little village, some people can be seen milling about caring to livestock or getting food. It seems to very visibly have an Inn Labeled 'The Wizards Sleeve'.

BigLee Oct 18 '12 3:04pm

Jacob sits at the bar in the villages only tavern/inn, The Wizard's Sleeve. A nice enough place, for what they've been able to build us just a few months. How long has it been? he wonders. Three months? It doesn't seem like. He's already made the change from his old life to this one completely. This really is home now.

A young man, not much more than a boy, comes in the tavern. "Constable, there's a new portal and people coming out of it!" Jacob took another swallow of his coffee before responding. More people?

"Well, let's go greet them, shall we?" he says to no one in particular. The boy was obviously concerned if not scared, and had no intentions of getting close to the newcomers without knowing it was safe first.

Jacob strolled out to the village's edge to find the boy was right. Several new portals and a lot of new people, monsters and who knows what else. Looking around, Jacob picked a newcomer to introduce himself to. And as much as he'd changed in just three short months, Jacob was still not much of a talker.

"I'm Jacob Thorne, village constable. I've been here for about three months. Got here just like you. Welcome!"

Arrankhar Oct 19 '12 12:35am

Those gates were never able to be seen by this one. Those gates always snuck up when they were least expected, least wanted, and even at a time when they would save his life. On more than one occasion these things yanked him away forcefully while working hard on one thing or another.

In this particular case, he was in the midst of a heated battle, one which he was losing. The portal opened behind him as he was sailing through the air from a fairly harsh blow from his adversary, swallowing him up and sending him on that gut-wrenching ride through the planes to wherever it is that he arrives.

Unlike the others that have arrived, however, this one does not arrive unharmed. All the injuries that were sustained before are still there and the constable does not receive a greeting from the creature because he is unconscious with numerous injuries. Straight cuts from blades, jagged cuts from tooth and claw, and even some ugly bruises from the impact of blunt objects are more than evident.

(TL:DR Start)

What the constable, and everyone else present, sees is something resembling a lizardfolk, one of those having the distinct body structures resembling that of an iguana, complete with the large dewlap at the throat. There are a few differences that are able to be spotted very quickly when it comes to the norm of the race. This one's body is ten feet from head to the feet while stretched out along the ground, with the tail causing the total body length to be nearly twice that. There are wings present that look to have seen better days thanks to the injuries also coating them. The arms...there are more than there should be! This creature has four of them instead of the usual two, which lead to their own shoulders and an extra set of pectorals.

This one's body is a paradox, for even though it is a cold-blooded creature there are a number of mammalian traits to it, namely in the torso as well as the not-so-hidden jewels down below. The muscle tone can really only be described as extreme by human standards, not normally capable of even the strongest bipeds in the known planes. This one has to have some draconic lineage to look this powerful.

This one has absolutely no possessions on him, which is also very unlike the others who are in the midst of arriving. Sensitive noses would be able to detect other things as well.

(End TL:DR)

This one is going to need some attention to get back on his feet, apparently.

Dredge Oct 21 '12 10:14pm

A man dressed in quite elaborate robes holding a scythe steps forward to the fallen corpse. His face was covered by the shadows of his robes, it was quite visible through his armor and robes that he was much to skinny for a human. He laid his hand over his back and stopped moving, a sickly black fog seemed to pour from his hand. His wounds closed and the damage seemed to be healed but the scars remained."This one will be of use, his size and odd nature will help." When he looked up his face was much clearer. His eyes were pure black, his face as pale as the grave, his cheeks sunken in.

Arrankhar Oct 22 '12 4:03pm

The downed creature was merely unconscious and not dead, though it was close enough to death that it probably would not have made a difference. There was barely any breath at that point in time and the bleeding was still in full effect.

The odd healing magics saved the creature from true death, however. The injuries close up with the assistance of the magic performed, leaving behind scar tissue where the more jagged cuts had been but not where the straighter ones had been. There were even injuries that showed evidence of coming from bites that became visible after the creature stirs enough to roll onto its side with a groan common to those who have been knocked around for quite a bit. One of the hands rises up to clutch the head before the eyes even open to reveal brown irises and round pupils.

It takes another moment or two before the creature finally seems to become aware of his surroundings, which is when he rolls to his feet with the grace of an acrobat. The creatures in the distance finally attract his attention before the ones that are close by do, and finally it is the robed one that he affixes his gaze to.

Nothing is said at the present time, but the confusion etched into the features is really all that needs to be said. The tongue flicks several times, just like one would expect from a reptilian creature, to taste the air. Yes, even that organ is forked, and if further details are desired the split happens roughly half a foot from the very tip.

Finally come words from the beast in the form of the harsh and gutteral tones of the Draconic language, "I do not suppose you are the one who would know where I am?" A stray breeze causes him to look down at himself, one eyeridge rising soon afterward, "Great. Another realm to learn the laws of. Will I be forced to cover myself like the fleshlings everywhere seem to love to impose?" This last is said directly to the robed one, gaze returning upward to it. He seems to be rather blunt for a servant.

Dredge Oct 23 '12 3:20am

"I speak the language of dragons yes... Where we are I am unsure of, but it is a new start." He paused and looked at the large reptile once more. "A loincloth wouldn't hurt," He let out a meager chuckle.

Arrankhar Oct 23 '12 4:51am

The simple response to the simple question draws the reptile's gaze upward again, "If it is not enforced I shall remain as I am." Slowly the creature looks around once more, taking in the sights, the sounds, and especially the scents and pheromones.

It is then that he notices the multiude of structures close by and the efforts of the more monstrous to avoid what he assumes to be a settlement. He begins to stroll toward it while speaking once more, "A new start, you say. That is nothing new to me, for everywhere I go is a new start. Everywhere...I must learn the languages, the customs, and whether I am to become the servant of another sooner or later or get tossed into some fighting pit until something eats me."

Sounds like this one has already had quite a life of his own adventures.

Dredge Oct 23 '12 5:15am

"Do not assume people always wish you harm you large reptile. If it means anything I will assist you but do not go off and ruin your new chance at life. I don't know your past but I can assure you that this little town and world for that matter has no ring for animals or people to fight." He sighed and contemplated to what he said.

Blazedart Oct 23 '12 6:05am

A person with a slight glow to his skin, sapphire blue eyes, steely silver hair, and very derivative clothing, armor, and weapns walks through the gate. He seems a little disoriented as he looks at the new world he is in, as well from some of the creatures he has never seen before. The glowing man just stand's there taking in this beautiful world that has not known the war that he has saying under his breath one word " Peacful."

Even while he is taking in his surroundings the conversation that happens between the the man with the scythe and the reptile is not lost on him for he also knows the tongue of dragons. After the conversation ends he heads to the town as well.

Arrankhar Oct 23 '12 4:28pm

The Half-Dragon shakes his head with a fairly light chuckle, "I do not seek to throw away anything that comes to me in the form of assistance. It is good that there is nothing here in the way of a fighting pit of any sort. ... Wait..."

The creature finally stops in its tracks and turns to face the robed one directly again, both sets of arms crossing along with a cock of the head, "This world? You speak as though this realm is either very new or very old and civilized. Where I have been, there has always been some sort of conflict going on."

The one with the slight glow cannot be ignored thanks to that very glow, and the large beast's gaze turns in that direction even though the conversing two have not yet left the 'field of arrival', one eyeridge rising but nothing in the way of speech toward him yet. The newcomer is being given an inquisitive look-over.

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