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Saitken Oct 19 '12 4:59pm

New to mythweavers
I figured I would say hello. I am not new to D&D but I am new to Mythweavers. The community is great and the sheets Mythweavers provides for pathfinder are even better. I'm glad I signed up here and hop to be active in the forums in the future.

Plugsy Oct 22 '12 10:47am

Welcome to the weave.

noobiegameplayer Oct 22 '12 12:31pm

Hi Saitken,

I believe Plugsy is working on new Pathfinder sheets ... so even more excitement for us PF players :)

Get onto Game Ads and sign up for a game which catches your eye, let the GM know you are new to MW and don't be afraid to ask for help from them or the other players. You'll find most peeps on here to be very helpful,

Good luck and welcome to MW,


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