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canjowolf Oct 22 '12 12:52am

Lords of Creation: A Brave New World
Hello All,

Iím looking to set up a Lords of Creation game. This is a game where the players take on the role of gods and cooperatively build a world/game setting. All work contributed to this game will be open to all comers to use in their games or settings as they choose. If you are unwilling to share your work with the general public then donít apply to this game.

If you do want to get in on this then post an application in the applications thread. The rules are in their own thread back there too. I'll be choosing 3-5 players to start with and hopefully have open recruitment after that. I look forward to creating a world with you all.

Fell Oct 22 '12 1:28am

Interesting concept.

Would the eventual goal be to build a world, and then inhabit it with PC's?

Or would their be obstacles to establishing specific holy peoples, the goal then being a quasi tactical game, supporting the development and growth of specific peoples?

Would this be Sci Fi, or Fantasy?

sixgunninja Oct 22 '12 1:39am

It's not quite the same as having the PCs be deities, but are you familiar with Microscope by Lame Mage? Its a fantastic cooperative world-creation game.

SkyWindKicker Oct 22 '12 1:54am

I'm willing to join in on this since I'm trying to rebuild someone's old game system as a better evo civ. Would give me some insight into what I need to do.

canjowolf Oct 22 '12 2:33am

Currently there is a void. We will be creating a world within it and populating it with life, both sentient and non-sentient. The technological level is ultimately set by the players based on what they choose to give their technology. In the end though, all forces are equally good at combat before introducing blessings and such from the gods, so that a group of magical kobold spearmen is quite capable of taking down armored space marines with automatic firearms.

That said, this is intended to be a cooperative world/story building game rather than a war or competition between the gods. I have seen some LoC games devolve into that, but it is not their purpose. I have run D&D tabletop games in one of the worlds from an LoC game that I was part of, but if you aren't enjoying the world and people creation process then this is probably not the game for you. You can choose to create many peoples, one people, or no peoples, but generally have narrative control over anything that you create within the game.

Edit: Yes, I've looked at microscope.

SkyWindKicker Oct 22 '12 3:01am

well I'm not looking for a 'divines are against each other' god game, and I'm trying to become a better DM so this will help me out.

Longthyme Oct 22 '12 3:11am

Ap submitted. I am pro world creation. Very excited for this game.

canjowolf Oct 24 '12 9:19pm

So far I have one application. I'm going to need at least 2 more players before starting this game.

TheFred Oct 24 '12 9:31pm

I'm already playing an LoC game (though it's lapsed) so on the one hand, I'm familiar with the concept, but on the other, I'm not sure I'm ready to start a new one right now.

canjowolf Oct 24 '12 10:04pm

I hear you. They can be incredibly time consuming if you have enough active players.

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