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prof cephalopod Oct 26 '12 7:32am

I seem to have inexplicably become the Head GM of a dead game?!?
As the title says I seem to have inexplicably become the Head GM of a dead game the Ravenloft case the gm had kept it open in case someone wanted to take it over. . . I have no desire to do so ( nothing against the game I just have a full plate and lack the ability to gm a pathfinder game), and I wasn't asked.

Did this happen somehow by default?

Should I archive the game?

Or could I just be removed as head GM?

There's probably an easy fix I missed, sorry to bug you guys

Thanks in advance

TanaNari Oct 26 '12 7:38am

I have no idea. But it helps the mods if you link to the game where the issue's at.

Nathan Oct 26 '12 7:52am

The easiest solution, if no one wants to take over as GM or if there is no longer any activity/interest in the game is to just archive it. If, in the future, a new GM is found for the game you can always put in an un-archive request.

prof cephalopod Oct 26 '12 7:54am

Works for me I just didn't want to go all "kill switch engage" if there was an alternative.

But it seems easiest and makes sense, thanks boss.

Plugsy Oct 26 '12 11:05am

If you aren't meant to be head-gm ask the guy who should. Head-gm can transfer the position so I'd guess that's what happened, possibly accidentally.

prof cephalopod Oct 26 '12 3:28pm

Already asked, he's left the site due to his workload at school though hence why he left the game . . . .

So my communications are to no avail.

When I get a sec my intentions are to put a post up in the game forum telling everyone my intent to archive the game and asking if one of them would rather take over. . . I'll give that a day or two waiting for response and then archive if no one objects.

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