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Nerian Oct 29 '12 12:50am

Chapter 1
The Nexus Runner comes into orbit of Bespin, watching ships fly into Bespin and back out for a while, it is obvious that the Planet is on a major trade Route. Many of the shops are Imperial vessels, some of them even being fighter type ships.

After you request entry tot he planet you hear a crisp voice come over the comm channel, You have been cleared for landing on Docking Pad 12.

As you fly through the city, you see the following image.

Weaving your way through the various airways, you come to the correct landing pad. Aspar you pass up the Millennium Falcon so you know that Lando Calrissian is on the planet.

You land your ship and everybody gets out.

Your contact is said to frequent a cantina, that tries to stay out of the empire's eyes. Walking through the streets, you see Imperial soldiers more often than is comfortable, but not too overbearing for here in the Outer Rim.

If you look right away you find the Cantina in a little hole in the wall close to the factory levels of the city.

If you do not go straight to the cantina let me know where you go.

Brickman Oct 29 '12 6:11am

Hadirak saw the others approach as he leaned against the front of the cantina. He checked his gear, thinking. He wondered about the crap he'd been through that led to him working with an underworld, criminal refugee, his creepy, female bodyguard, an agitating, nutball mechanic and some eager, sun-burnt medic from the Outer Rim. He shook his head and mumbled one of his father's idioms.

"Every bad deed comes full circle." Hadirak stood once Aspar and the others arrived. "I did some
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 2, 4, 6, 2 (Total = 16)
checking on our contact."

imfletcher00 Oct 29 '12 6:45am

Touching down safely on the landing platform, Aspar goes through his pre-flight routine. He grabs his gear and watches as his crew depart the Nexus Runner, closing the hatch himself after they were all off the ship. Watching his crew mates make their way down the platform he lets out a sigh.

Another day in paradise.

Aspar takes in the familiar sights of Cloud City. He remembers the first time his father brought him here, and the memories wash over him. His distant look looms as large as his grin as he and his companions approach Hadriak outside the Cantina.

"Nice work. What have you got?"
Aspar finds a seat in the Cantina for the party and orders a round of drinks. Lifting his glass before he drinks he toasts...

"To a proper landing."

Nerian Oct 29 '12 7:22pm

Hadirek what you find out about this guy is that he's some small time hunter who is an independant (not part of the empire).

He has had a few run ins with the empire about hunting illegal animals, but from what you can tell he is just what he says he is, a hunter.

Mischief Warrior Oct 29 '12 8:07pm

On the way to Bespin, Erich took note of everyone's progress. He was happy with how everyone had healed up.

Erich raises his glass to the Captain's toast.

"Since I'm the new person, how do you normally handle things?" he asks. "I don't want to blow any conversational gambits that you've worked out ahead of time."

CptFitz Oct 30 '12 12:23am

Churrr'Ipa has the engines checked over and is ready to go before the landing ramp hits the ground. He was very excited to explore this new place and it was evident with his behavior. He was even more jittery than usual and as the ramp descended he had brought one of his droids with him. It was a freakish looking thing with the legs of a protocol droid, a single retractable arm, and a round tinted plastic ball head. Both he and the droid carried bags.
He followed the crew to to the cantina, he stopped every few feet to check something out and allow the droid to keep up. As he found anything interesting/useful he loaded it into his bag or the droids.

He sat and raised his glass with the rest of the party and added quickly
Except for the port side reverse thruster cup link over heating
He said that so fast it was almost incomprehensible before saying
A very near proper landing
He answered the Doctors question
Well I've found that the best way to deal with most of the things we get into involves ducking. And running. How are you're shoes? You're gonna need a new pair of those I bet. Got some real cheap if you want. Check them out, only 10 credits.
The jawa then pulled two dirty mismatched shoes from his droids pack.

Brickman Oct 30 '12 2:10am

"Nothing special. He's small time." Hadirak moved with the others to a table and got a drink. " Unless something has changed him in the last few days, then he's probably legit."

After the toast, Hadirak listened to the doc and Jawa talk. Hadirak felt compelled to add, "Best thing to do when dealing with the Jawa is to ignore his jibber-jabber and never --let me stress the never part-- take anything from him that's blinking."

He finishes his tumbler and leans in close to Erich. "Otherwise, don't say anything. If you're not important to the conversation, don't say anything. If you aren't spoken to, don't say anything. If you have something to add but it doesn't change the situation to our favor, then don't say anything. You look new. You look a little wet behind the ears. Thus you look vulnerable. So don't say anything."

Hadirak allowed his natural irritation of the world in general to seep out. He regretted some of his words, but the kid needed some learning. May as well do him a favor and learn him quick. "Oh. And if you need something, get it yourself."

imfletcher00 Oct 30 '12 3:52am

Aspar stares blankly at the alien as he vents on the new crew mate. His face is a statue, no emotion.

"Doc, you're welcome to ask any questions at anytime as long as your with the crew. If we're negotiating, I'd agree with Hadirak. Though don't believe your council is unwanted. I would say that these matters deal with some less than straight forward characters, which takes time to get used to."

Aspar enjoys his drink and the ambient noise of both his crew, the music, and the background conversation. His mind drifts to a far away place in another time and he remembers his father again. Pulling himself back to the present moment he adds...

"Did you see the Millenium Falcon? I heard its the fastest ship around, something of a famous bird. Its captain is another matter all together. My father introduced us once."

Aspar searches the faces of the crowd looking for the contact they seek.

"Hunter huh? Like beasts and such? interesting."

CptFitz Oct 30 '12 6:54pm


Originally Posted by Brickman (Post 6242205)

After the toast, Hadirak listened to the doc and Jawa talk. Hadirak felt compelled to add, "Best thing to do when dealing with the Jawa is to ignore his jibber-jabber and never --let me stress the never part-- take anything from him that's blinking."

Hey !
That was only the one time and if I recall the subsequent repairs made both your body armor and your eyebrows look better.

The jawa protested, and then looking back to the doctor
Ok 3 credits for the shoes

Nerian Oct 30 '12 7:18pm

In the middle of ya'll conversation ya'll the bartender say. "Hey Tytonne, You want your usual?

The Duros sits at the counter and accepts the drink, "Thanks Drak, I need a drink.

The bartender asks him about finding the Krayt Dragon he was looking for to which the Duros replies that he hasn't found it yet. The bartender than laughs and says a Krayt Dragon off of Tatooine is unheard of.

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