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Divinedragonslayer Oct 29 '12 11:24pm

The depths of Darkness
Starting level 4

Stat generation 4d6r1v1

Books all but faerun and Eberron

Wealth by level

Posts per day: At least one and if you don't post after two weeks you will be dropped without notice if you don't give me forewarning.

Of course I require the standard history, personality, and appearance as well as a solid reason to be looking for the culprits. I will also be judging you on pregame roleplay as well. If deciding becomes tough I'll look to your roleplay style to get you in.

Also this game I'm being especially generous this time. I want you to create characters you want. I might accept homebrew, but I will consider everything. That being said I want this to be a fun and interesting game so no cheese please.

LA buyoff in effect

Pregame roleplay: My reasoning for the pregame roleplay is to see how well each person's playstyle and posting rate meshes with mine. When I feel I have enough candidates I will open up an open one where everyone can roleplay. Until that time I'll be using private threads when the applications are complete. I will also be taking a little bit of time after applications close. I'm hoping this will show me a little bit more about both you and your characters.

EldritchStalker Oct 29 '12 11:38pm

Ahhhh HERE is the place for my Wilder/Thrallherd.

Yes? Please? Pity Please?

Divinedragonslayer Oct 29 '12 11:43pm

If you put together a good enough application I'll allow it.

Reemos Oct 29 '12 11:56pm

Book of Erotic Fantasy? /joke

would Autoplate Pilot be a available? Think that my character, due to the prosperous make a few advances in magi-tech and built her own magi-tech armor suit that she would forever be tweeking with and advancing and eventually turned it into a pilotable golem-esque 'mech'.

tbonejc Oct 29 '12 11:58pm

Is this campaign going to be out to sea mostly? Underwater even?

Divinedragonslayer Oct 30 '12 12:11am

There might be some underwater combat, but not that much if any. As for the autoplate armor it's an interesting idea, but I'm going no. I'm really sorry. Then again if it helps no warforged either.

Reemos Oct 30 '12 1:12am

I'd like to resend the /joke on the request for BoEF then. ;)

That or request Dancer(more than willing to drop it to 3/4 BAB to balance it out a little bit) with her Half-Identical Twin(willing to ignore the mechanical benifits if wanted) brother, a bard. ;)

DaemonBane Oct 30 '12 1:18am

I'll go the groups Barbarian, with a view to move into Fist of the Forest and Bear Warrior.

Do you allow Spirit Lion dip cheese for pounce?

If not that's fine I just wanted to see how open you were to optimising- as far as things go Barb/FoF/Bear Warrior is probably on the lesser end of the optimisation spectrum.

Ipphli Oct 30 '12 1:29am

Sounds interesting. I'm thinking cleric. I assume we use the Players Handbook pantheon?

Divinedragonslayer Oct 30 '12 1:44am

What book? And yes, though other deities are being used.

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