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wareagle Oct 30 '12 8:43pm

Her Dark Majesty: Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep
Firstly I think I should mention that I am completely new to these forums and not really sure how to do much on here yet(though I have worked out the premise of things over the last few days), also I would like to note is that this game will take place in my campaign setting in the making though this game will take place solely in the northern land, of The Land of Song. The game will require a large party, and will probably take characters to level 20 or close by the end, so please don't apply if you can't stay in for the long run and do alert me of all absences(I will not kick you for not alerting me but it is nice to know).

Player Requirements:
Two sets of 4d6b3 for stats, choose favored.
Level three to start, Max hp will roll for all after 3.
Able to post daily
Will choose group mainly based on character development but that does not mean I will take 8 rogues because they had the best backstorys.
Evil character allowed on request and with good back story.
Only races included below are available.
Regular Pathfinder classes, all but Gunslingers and Samurai are ok.
Three traits to start, no racial(though I will likely make my own racial traits for the setting in the near future.

Some Lore of Raedric(So you can know a bit about each country):

djdemiko Oct 30 '12 9:02pm


Classes? Are we sticking to pure core or do you homebrew them as well?

I normally play Int/Dex/Cha classes and have been wanting to try something different.

So I am thinking a big old strong orc. Neutral but leans towards neutral good, mostly of a mercenary mind but I think it would be a nice tie in if he followed another player, not out of some life-servitude but out of respect and the knowledge that being with a "respectable" race person gets him more work.

wareagle Oct 30 '12 9:09pm

Oh yes forgot to mention that, just regular pathfinder classes but no gunslingers or samurai.

Zeus Oct 30 '12 9:14pm

Posting interest.

KMBCross Oct 30 '12 9:18pm

You have my interest. I'll be sure to make something interesting...

djdemiko Oct 30 '12 9:28pm

Rend Razortusk

Huge, even for an orc standing nearly 7 feet tall and almost 300 pounds, light brown skin and eyes. Razortusk sports a jaw that opens wide enough to easily accept a human fist and a row of sharp teeth including vicious crossing prodruing canines on his upper and lower jaw that look large and sharp enough to bite a mans hand off at the wrist. His face appears overly large and even when he doesn't show off his incredibly wide opening jaw, his mouth has an evil predatory look that is only more threatening with the teeth always visible.

Rend sports numerous scars and old injuries and is missing the middle finger of his left hand.

Rend enjoys taking, and wearing, mementos of his fiercest battles. He turns most of it into crude jewelry. As such he is typically seen sporting at least a few necklaces and earnings made of teeth, scales and bones.

In most ways Rend appears as the bestial orc that civilized races fear. People make way for him in crowds, small children cry when they see him and brave young man puff out their chests around him expecting him to turn into a slavering monster at any moment.

Rend is not deep down a cuddly teddy bear. He is a warrior and a killer. He has tasted battle and the blood of his enemies. Rend is also not a good guy, he kills for money. Rend is though not a monster. He does not kill without reason and he does not take work that he finds honorable. Rend doesn't kill people who aren't trying to fight back (he doesn't mind batting them around a bit though) and doesn't take work that involves harming innocents or regular people.

Rend is also more intelligent than people think or than he lets on. He uses this to his advantage in combat and socially as few expect a thing like him to be at all cunning.
Background -
Rend was orphaned at a young age and spent most of his youth bouncing through refugee camps, work gangs and mercenary bands. He has no family ties or loyalty to any nation. He cares little for political causes and just aims himself where the money is and there is fun to be had.

Those few men who mutter to fight along side such a monster quickly change their minds when they see the carnage he can unleash upon his enemies and are more surprised to see that on the battlefield, he treats his allies as such and aids them as needed.

As an adventurer and mercenary Rend found himself meeting with (ANOTHER PLAYER). He liked the man/woman and enjoyed their company.

Work in progress

EvilWalks Oct 30 '12 9:48pm

Interesting. Would a noble cavalier from Fargath/Tyfris with Daddy/Dragon issues be acceptable?

Edit: or alternatively, a half Orcish bardic warrioress from Talarath, seeking rumors, stories and legends for some lost signs of ancient power that could help the orcs forge a new future?

ohmsford Oct 30 '12 9:55pm

Posting interest.
Thinking about a Fey elf Summoner :)

wareagle Oct 30 '12 10:00pm

@EvilWalks: I really like the Orc idea though either would work so I'ts your choice.

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 30 '12 10:35pm

I like how your other game is going; mind if I apply for this one too?

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