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Tearen Oct 31 '12 6:27am

Avast! A Tale of Piracy!
Ah, so ye' wish to take part in a tale of high-seas daring and looting, eh? Well, before I see fit te' let ye join me crew, I should set ye straight on a few pointers I expect 'o me hearties. I'll even be so kind as te' say it out in lubber-speak, that ye might better understand wot I'm askin' of ye.

Fair word 'o warning matie; these waters be deep.

MadHatter Oct 31 '12 6:39am

So if I was to make an Aquatic Elf Monk. That would be a good enough roll for the Fish category right? I would only need a dagger to cut things lose from their bonds.

What craft skill would be used for working on the bottom of the boat. Boat Engineering? Sailing?

Tearen Oct 31 '12 6:51am

Craft (Carpentry) should suffice.

MadHatter Oct 31 '12 6:52am

So are we all part of the same crew when the naval ship captured us? I will try and apply to this. Not sure if I will be able to, but I will try.

silverwolfer Oct 31 '12 6:53am

My head hurt after the first read, will need to reread this a few times to take in alll the information. Would a druid be alright for the fish role?

Tearen Oct 31 '12 6:57am

@ silverwolfer: Sure. Sorry about the length, there was a lot I felt I needed to cover since its a bit of an unconventional game.

@ MadHatter: Not necessarily; the text just infers you were arrested in your hometown by the Bastions. If you and another applicant want to have been on the same crew beforehand, however, feel free to collaborate. :)

Tonizio Oct 31 '12 7:10am

Im keen on the cabin boy position.. eg someone that was not originally from the sea´s at all, but will do nicely on the ship.

Water_Tengu Oct 31 '12 7:11am

Hmm, what about a Doryman?

Im thinkin' a dwarven bard that's also a bit of jerryman

KMBCross Oct 31 '12 7:25am

I'm very interested. I'll be definitely applying for a Captain position, seeing as I've done it only a few times in my share of pirate games...

Thinking I might be a strict but kind cap'n, or something more open to opinions o' the crew. Hmmm... decisions.

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 31 '12 7:38am

Oooh, I want to be the Doctor! I guess I'm going to be a Cleric then. =P

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