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Dramacydle Nov 2 '12 12:32pm

Fellowship and Friends
Looking to start a One Ring Game using the rulebooks provided by Cubicle Game 7 Entertainment. I'm looking for three additional players to the three that we have now. Please write a sample of your writing with the post of intent. This game in its infancy will adopt the mood and tone of Middle Earth right after Smaug the golden Dragon has been defeated and the five armies have been disbanded but before the War of the Ring happens. This game will have stories within stories each leading to choice making, accountability and in game responsibility regarding your fellowship and to the fellowship of your valour and wisdom. If you succeed your name shall be written down in the tomes of history. If you need a writing sample of mine please check this wiki game out with most of it except the characters writing done by me. Here

xenophone Nov 2 '12 4:24pm

I want in really really bad. I have the books and have read them (except for The Marsh Bell). What are you looking for in a writing sample? Character background? A role-playing sample?

Dramacydle Nov 2 '12 5:17pm

Something fantasy. Probably a character without the culture. Staying neutral at this point will not infringe on players who have already picked a race.

xenophone Nov 2 '12 6:08pm

If you're just looking for something to showcase writing style, I can post a PC background from another game (not TOR). Would that work?

Dramacydle Nov 3 '12 1:57am

Sure that would be great. Anything to showcase writing style.

MadHatter Nov 3 '12 2:15am

Nice new pic Drama. If I had this system I would join up to play. But truth be told I don't. I have the LoTR roleplaying game core rulebook. Stop running games I don't know how to play! Cause I can't join them. >_<


Dramacydle Nov 3 '12 3:25am

PM sent Shane.

MadHatter Nov 3 '12 3:32am

PM sent Drama. :)

Ostrich Rage Nov 3 '12 4:17am

For anyone interested, Drama is a great gm and I'm happy to see him picking this up after two failed attempts by others in the past when it came to a One Ring game.

MadHatter Nov 3 '12 4:27am

Ostrich what is up with your status? You leave MW or something?

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