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mercutio361 Nov 3 '12 10:35pm

How Many....?
Here's a little fill-in-the-blanks for ya.

Q: How many ________ does it take to change a candlestick?
A: [Number of your chosen whatever, and explanation]

How many Barbarians does it take to change a candlestick?
A: Three. One to yank the old candle stub out and slam it on the floor screaming and stomping on it, and the other two to light the new candlestick...before throwing it on the ground screaming and stomping on it...

You get the idea!

attikol Nov 5 '12 1:06am

What is the first one for us to do.

MadHatter Nov 5 '12 1:35am

Q: What is the best way to use a _____________ Wondrous Item?
A: [Number of your chosen whatever and explanation]

I think we just start it Attikol.

mercutio361 Nov 5 '12 10:07am

The idea is simply to take the "How many such and such does it take to change a lightbulb" joke and turn it into a D&D related jjoke

Kerim Nov 5 '12 11:36am

Q: How many Wizards does it take to change a candlestick?
50, as that's the amount of wizards it take to start an official meeting over what the best spell to use to light a candlestick is.

Scarecrow71 Nov 5 '12 4:09pm

Q: How many Rock Gnomes does it take to change a candlestick?
A: Rock Gnomes have darkvision, so they don't need candlesticks.

Reemos Nov 5 '12 4:25pm

Q: How many sorcerers does it take to change a candlestick?
A: Two, one to keep trying to use fireballs to light one and the second to remind the first that he has Prestidigitation.

LtLukoziuz Nov 5 '12 6:01pm

Q: How many clerics does it take to change a candlestick?
A: Endless. Each cleric will have his own idea and the candlestick will be never lit by them exactly.

MadHatter Nov 6 '12 5:05am

Well my post got deleted? How rude man. Have fun guys.

LtLukoziuz Nov 6 '12 3:43pm

Knowing how only mods can do that, maybe it was slightly 'offensive'?

Q: How many duelists does it take to change candlestick?
Two, if they want a spar while they change candlestick or one, if he tries to be ninja-like and cut the knot of candle...

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