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noobiegameplayer Nov 5 '12 5:26pm

7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...
30th Day of Eleint

You finish the last hill giant off, Fina sings a last song to heal Liame, and you all look around at the devastation you have bought on the hill giant nursery and it's protectors.

There are still two young Hill Giants unconcious over in the corner where Jinn's blast threw them against the walls.

Although it took less then a minute, most of you are breathless, either from effort or the effects of adrenaline leaving your bodies ...

It's still VERY early in the morning, it's still less then an thirty minutes since your first run in with Vargg and his pack.

What are going to do NOW ????

Celtic Guardian 7 Nov 5 '12 8:02pm

Fina covers her mouth with her free hand by reflex. But to her surprise, there is a lack of gagging this time. The stench is horrid, yet she is more accustomed to it now. She is not sure whether to be relieved by this or terrified. Her bow is kept clenched in her other hand, her grip not loosening even after the battle is over.

Rumrunner Nov 6 '12 12:29am

Giddis looked around the room. There was a lot of dead, but he immediately spotted two breathing youth... that was cruel. They would be better off dead than to wake up to this. He'd deal with that later, right now there was something else he needed to do. He walked into the room that he had shoved the matron giant into and found a corner to pee in.

electricpiper Nov 6 '12 1:47pm

Giving the large doors a final push to ensure that they were tightly closed, Lakkariel sauntered back to the group as Gidd quietly hustled off to go do.... something. And given the Halfling's propensities, he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know what that something was. Instead, he settled for giving Fina a friendly pat on the shoulder, quietly thanking her as he spoke up to everyone else.

"So what now?" He asks, indicating the unconscious youths. "Tie 'em up, question them a bit? The doors are pretty thick, I doubt anyone next door will hear them calling out for help."

noobiegameplayer Nov 6 '12 2:05pm

Lakkarial notices that when he gave the large thick, well fitted doors a push, it cut the noise from the next room cosiderably, from very loud giants playing games to having to listen hard to hear any noise from the next room at all. The doors are masterpieces in the manufacture.

Ren Zhe Nov 6 '12 4:57pm

"Tie them up and gag them, but I would not do any manner of search or interrogation until we've cleared the other room. There's obviously more enemies there, and the risk is too great."

Neithardt replies as he emerges from the clump of dead hill giant bodies strewn across the room. How many was that, 10? 20? He surveyed the level of destruction that they've managed to wreak upon their opposition; it was impressive, but in a way, also quite terrifying, and as Neithardt switched his gaze across to the two remaining young hill giants that were just barely kept alive, he wondered if the more humane thing to do would have been to kill them rather than to leave a pair of orphans amidst a mountain of corpses of their dead kin.

"Our ability to question them is highly contingent on one of us being able to speak Giant anyway. Which...well, I suppose I could...on a good day. All the same, I don't think there's much value in questioning these, erm...children. I say we catch our breath for five minutes or so, then immediately assault the other room while we still have the momentum and they remain unawares."

Regardless of their decision, of course, Neithart was sitting down and taking a breather on one of the oversized beds.

noobiegameplayer Nov 6 '12 5:08pm

The rooms off the main room are in blackness, though Morvul's
room has a low fire still going. There are torches on most of the bedroom walls, and it would be a matter of moments to light them -- reaching the torches themselves is a trial as the torches are about 10 feet off the ground in their holders.

With a few flits and flying leaps, Giddis lights a torch in each room, all while only bouncing on half of the beds.

You find the following:

3A. A fire blazes in the hearth, and the walls are adorned with trophies: animal skins and furs, racks of antlers, and mounted heads of beasts and humanoids, including some humans and dwarves. A number of large doors lead to other areas of the stronghold.

3B. Four beds sized for hill giant adults fill this room. Animal furs cover the beds.

3C. This room is empty, but left behind are a great bed covered with furs and a locked wooden chest.

3D. This room is hung with rugs and skins. Against the north wall stands an enormous bed sized ... It also contains a bearskin rug and a pair of locked wooden chests.

Above all of the beds are bags, sacks or satchels -- except the two large sacks carried out by the two Avalanchers. There are no such bags or items to be found on the young hill giants' beds (or under them).

Also, are you taking a 5 minute rest ??? If you do, there is a good chance that one or both of those YHG's will awake and disturb it ...

Rumrunner Nov 6 '12 5:27pm

Standing on the bed and drawing a very rough smiley face on the sheets, Giddis tucked himself back in his pants and moved over toward the chests. He paused at the rug and pulled it aside, looking for traps and the like before he tried his hand and the boxes.

"Anyone Got a Spare Lock-pick?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+15z
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 32)
Perception (32)

noobiegameplayer Nov 6 '12 5:32pm

These look to have the same sought of locks on them as Varrg's chest. You can see clearly what you would have to pick, but none of you carry lockpicks this big.

PolkaBear Nov 6 '12 5:43pm


"What are the chances...?" Liame pulled out the key they had taken from Varrg and tried it on the chests.

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