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Irving Nov 6 '12 2:49am

All applications must be submitted here.

Reemos Nov 6 '12 8:51am

Female Human Scout, Level 5, Init +3, HP 31/31, DR 2/-, Speed 30 ft
AC 16, Touch 13, Flat-footed 13, Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +4, Base Attack Bonus 3
Masterwork Arkadian Karabini (10 per cartrige) +7 (2d7, x3)
Masterwork Shashka +5 (1d7+1, 18-20/x2)
Mithral chainshirt +1 (+3 Armor, +3 Dex)
Abilities Str 12, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Condition None

Char Info
Animal Companion/Mount:

Zeus Nov 6 '12 6:50pm

Leonid Volkov
Leonid Volkov
Race and Gender: Human Male
Age 26
Class: Highborn

House Volkov

House Volkov

Guild Type: Mercantile

SmokeyGB Nov 7 '12 7:29pm

Yorgi the Wolf

"I'll be thrice damned and staked to the coldest plain if I can understand why you've been summoned...", the wine merchant cursed through thin lips as he jostled his was through the crowd surrounding the Royal Palace.

He was well appointed, wearing silks imported from the east and fine soft leather boots, his hair was oiled and coifed, and his beard lay draped in three delicate braids. His grooming was careful and sought to distract the eye from a thin, rat-like face, with a nose overly large, eyes small and close set, and a crooked collection of teeth set within his mouth.

Following behind was a tall figure cloaked in dirty furs over scale armor which had once bragged of a rich, black, laquered veneer but rough misuse had now showed chipped and scratched metal scars.

His hair was long and braided, his face hard and weathered. Several delicate scars traced their way across the length of his broad nose, through an eyebrow, vertically cutting into his jawline. His blue grey eyes darted about the crowd under a furrowed brow, aware and alert for danger, and one rough hand rested tensely on the pommel of the short blade at his belt.

He did not answer the merchant's taunts, preferring to remain still and silent.

The merchant, for his part, didn't seem to care. Words and influence were his life and he knew his audience well. "You're one of several I keep close.", he continued, "And though you've got a strong, fierce look about you that's where it ends. A face like yours is more likely to move the Low to fear than the Great to interest, barbarian."

"The servant who delivered the missive said that you had been viewed outside the kitchens when I was negotiating with his Lord's Steward. On guard, as you should have been, and waiting on the call of your betters."

They had approached near enough that the high gilded walls of the Palace threw them into shadow, and before them the Grand Steps climbed upward in marbkle and intimidation.

The merchant stopped and turned to look upward into his companions face with a fretful look.

"The servant talk in the halls is said that the Witch spied you from her perch above. That's a wicked, black eye to have fall upon you, barbarian."

"Heed my words.", the merchant said, casting an eye at the high walls nervously as his voice dropped to just above a whisper.

"Do not speak, unless you're spoken to. You are proud, it is plain to see, but the Halls of the Tsar are no place for pride. Pride might find your head on a spike."

"I do not know why you've been called but it's an asp's nest in which you walk. Tread carefully. I don't expect I'll see you again."

The barbarian did not respond, the narrowing of his eyes the only sign of unease.

He moved up the grand marble steps, taking them two at a time, back straight and eyes forward until he stood before the gilded footmen guarding the tall outer doors.

"Yorgi, of the Steppes.", he stated in a deep, rough, baritone.

Narmoth Nov 8 '12 12:38am

Vasilij, son of Dmitrij, called "Gorelij" (Gorelij means The Burned/Scorched)
Character sheet: link


Vasilijs background, how he would tell it to the princess at least. I will expand on it as we go

"Now, my dear little one, don't you be afraid" the old man in strange clothing smiled to the young princes. He was indeed a peculiar sight. A high black fur hat with a red top that hangs down to his shoulders, and he is clad in a wide and well used red and gold embroided padded jacket with fur lining that the locals calls a tegilyai which smells heavily of sulphur, charcoal and metal. In his wide sash hangs two pistols and a shashka is placed on his left side with it's handle, and thus it's edge pointing backwards, not forwards, as for a sable. On his back, however hangs a sable, and on his right side an ornamented straight dagger.
He takes of his fur hat, revealing that his long white moustache is complimented with an equally long single lock of hair on the top of his head
"My princess, I have the honor to be one of those to escort you. My name is Vasilij, son of Dmitrij, but most call me grandpa Vasia or grandpa Gorelij." he squats down before her chair and the menacing figure of a fierce raider turns into a kind grandfather:
"I understand... It's hard to go from your home to a foreign country to marry a stranger, and the situation is making it even worse, but don't worry, as we say: he who is destined be hanged will not drown. And I will look after you, if you want. I have been around for long, and all has been well with me. Me and the tzar go back a long time" he smiles as he starts telling:
"When the tzars father, Vasilij died, I was one of the gunners that protected the castle when the bojars wanted to imprison him. Now, he was all to young to remember me from that time, but I attended his coronation some ten years later and when we won his first war, I was given command in his newly created gunners..." he sighs
"Not to say that tzar Ivan is easy to deal with, far from it. He suspected me for treason, and me and some of the gunners had to escape to the south, where we gathered a band of men that was wanted by the crown. We offered protection to the southern villages from bandits and raiders, and they fed and clothed us for that. I even married, but she was taken by the sickness only three years later. And then there was a new war. We joined in as the attackers came to the area we already protected, and the tzar gave us his royal pardon. Even offered us places in his bodyguard, but that's not for me. Still, I was made a noble and the tzar thus has the right to command me out on missions.
Believe me, my dear, to escort you will be by far the most enjoyable. So don't be afraid....


Reaction on the summoning
Going to the kings residence, which was more a monastery than a palace, was never pleasant since the tzars mother was killed there and Vasilij was one of the guards that had to protect the young princeling, but he still had to go.
The tzar summoned him, and it was his duty to obey.
Now, the tzar knew that Vasilij always spoke his mind, and the tzar did tolerate it more from the commoners than from those he saw could be conspiring, but being made noble by the tzar meant that he would all to easily be cast together with all the others the tzar distrusted, so walking up the stairs to the audience hall felt like going up the stairs to the gallows, especially having been sent there once by the tzar already.
As he enters, he bows a deep bow, his right hand touching the ground:
"Father of us all*, tzar Ivan, I have arrived by your command. What is your bidding?"

* - Father of us all is my translation of "batiushka tzar' " which was the peasant way of referencing to the tzar, giving him and additional, patriarchal honorific

Baron Nov 8 '12 7:08pm

Grigor Didkovich

Blick Nov 8 '12 8:43pm

Done except for some shopping
CHARACTER TITLEName: Tatyiana Molhynia Pietrov

Race: Human
Age: 23
Class: Fire Domain Wizard (UA Variant taking FB Feats)



Irving Nov 9 '12 1:41am

Baba Yaga is Too Big For this game, and I've got plans for her. ;)

Blick Nov 9 '12 3:12am

Dang it, she had to start out somewhere.

Irving Nov 9 '12 4:38am

Yep. Prehistory. She's mine, all mine, I wanna use her, you cant have her, nyah nyah nyah.

That being said, I do like the app so far. Give me a new name, file off the serial numbers a bit, and we can use her.

@Smokey: I'll look for a greatsword equivalent; Greataxe jumps out at me as an immediate good choice. I'm writing new and exciting ways to waste your money as fast as I can. ;)

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