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Irving Nov 6 '12 2:03am

Reign of the Frost Queen: A Tale of Arkadia
Post all applications in the thread given in the game forum. Roll for hp and any other rolls need in the Roll forum of the game thread. Ask for things or make comments here.

Irving Nov 6 '12 2:46am

A few quick notes:

- Yes, I know the game title's missing an "R". I'm applying to a pirate game and the letter was shanghaied. Fixed soon.

- Putting a list together of some favorite low-magic tools and equipment; let me know if you want something in particular.

- Debating adding some "masterwork horses" (horses with better stats, maybe some oddball feats to make them stand out) for a premium cost. Interested?

BadMoonRising Nov 6 '12 3:44am

Posting interest!

akela122301 Nov 6 '12 3:47am

I don't know about the rest, but if you have the Eberron Campaign Setting, you might check into Mage-Bred Animals. Mage-bred horses would definitely be good for that third thing.

Irving Nov 6 '12 3:57am

I'll dig for it. A horse with the Cold Endurance feat would be a big deal in this campaign, and not outside the realm of realism by any stretch. Something more unusual might be in the offing, too - nothing too weird, but you never know.

Baron Nov 6 '12 3:49pm

Could material from Oriental Adventures be allowed? Given the eastern influences in Russia (and that they share a border with China), some Asian types might not be out of order. A swordsage, in particular, would represent a warrior monk quite well - even better than an actual monk would.

Also, I wonder if this wouldn't be a great campaign for a Binder.

Animunculi Nov 6 '12 4:49pm

Thinking of playing a vodka-drinking shape-shifting lodge-leading ursa. (Just love how that rolls on my tongue.)

Some questions on lore: How involved are shape-shifter lodges in the court? What is their main purpose?

Definitely going to be an interesting game!

Zeus Nov 6 '12 5:26pm

Posting interest.

bzipser Nov 6 '12 5:30pm

How about a bard, possibly as lady-in-waiting to the princess, either outlander or native assigned to her retinue?

Narmoth Nov 6 '12 7:05pm

Okay, some comments on weapons:
1. Roginata(Boar Spear) No. Rogatina. Bear Spear
2 Shashka and a lot of other weapons have weird dice like 1d5, 1d7. What about going with the standard dmg of 1d8 for sword/sabre and so on?

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